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Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum: It claims lớn open your eyes & give sầu you a youthful-looking eye
Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum is an accompaniment to its Super Multi-Corrective sầu Cream, and both are packaged in little purple-and-silver packaging. Kiehl"s also recommends that you can use the two together, if you want. For some reason I thought I had a nhận xét of the Kiehl"s Multi-Corrective sầu Cream up on my blog (I mean, I bởi vì have quite a few Kiehl"s skincare review up), but it turns out I don"t, much to my chagrin, so I"ll definitely be reviewing that further down the road. But in any case, first things first, & I"ll just look at the Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum for this post.

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Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum: The two key ingredients advertised are Rhamnose and Sodium Hyaluronate
And as you might know, first things first with a skincare Đánh Giá always means going straight to the ingredients list! Let"s take a look at the ingredients danh mục, và see what it tells us about the formulation (with all the fancy Rhamnose và Sodium Hyaluronate in it).Kiehl"s has actually been pretty honest & accurate as far as ingredients & kinh doanh go for this product. Sometimes companies often make claims of having certain ingredients that are there in only very minute amounts that are unlikely to be effective sầu (the telltale sign of this is where the featured ingredients appear way at the bottom of the ingredients lists, or after the fragrance or preservatives). Fortunately, for the Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum, the two advertised ingredients are in the first few ingredients: Rhamnose is the second ingredient, and Sodium Hyaluronate is 8th on the list (although just before the preservatives). Kiehl"s also makes the clayên ổn that this hàng hóa is "Paraben-không tính phí, mineral-oil-không lấy phí, fragrance-không tính phí, colorant-free", và from the ingredients các mục, this seems lớn be fairly accurate, although, as I"ve written before on my blog, I personally don"t have sầu a problem with parabens, because they"re actually safe in the concentrations found in cosmetics. But if this matters lớn you, then it"s nice to lớn know that the marketing is honest with the Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum.
Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum ingredients: Rhamnose takes center stage here as a major ingredient
So, what exactly do Rhamnose & Sodium Hyaluronate do? The simple answer is that they"re both humectants - ingredients which draw water into the skin (another classic example of a good và commonly-used humectant is Glycerin, which is also listed as the third ingredient in this product). This helps to improve the moisture levels in the skin. We"re all familiar with Sodium Hyaluronate, thanks to lớn all the hype going on in Asia about Hyaluronic Acid (particularly with Hadomain authority Labo"s "one drop locks up an ocean" marketing), but Rhamnose is interesting - it"s actually a size of sugar, but in cosmetics is used as a humectant. So with some of the main ingredients being Rhamnose, Glycerin, và Sodium Hyaluronate, you know this will be a fairly light but hydrating hàng hóa. According to a Kaden Biochemicals, supplier of the ingredient, Rhamnose can also have sầu anti-aging benefits, although I couldn"t find any published research on that (it could mean that Kaden or L"Oreal have sầu done their own research và have chosen not to publish it - which is not that unusual if for some reason the company decides khổng lồ retain that for intellectual property reasons). The closest I could find was a statement by L"Oreal Group (the parent company of Kiehl"s) mentioning that "Rhamnose has been proven lớn stimulate Derm Source activity, leading to rejuvenation of the dermis và epidermis simultaneously". Searching for any other info in the absence of hard science, I found that Paula"s Choice also stated in one of their Facebook posts that Rhamnose has "cell-communicating benefits", so I gather somewhere, someone must have found some benefit from Rhamnose, although I don"t really know what exactly.
Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum: Rhamnose, Sodium Hyaluronate và Glycerin give this sản phẩm humectant properties
Interestingly though, L"Oreal Group has also used Rhamnose in its other brands beyond Kiehl"s, so evidently L"Oreal believes that Rhamnose must have sầu some effect on the skin. Previous products include YSL"s (Yves Saint Laurent) Forever Youth Liberator line, which includes Rhamnose in the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, the Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream, the Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum, & the Forever Youth Liberator Night Cream (although judging from the position of Rhamnose halfway down the danh mục, probably not in as high concentrations as the Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum, with the possible exception of the Night Cream). Another notable example of this is the Vichy LiftActiv line with Rhamnose 5%, which also targets anti-ageing concerns with a 5% Rhamnose as a feature ingredient. L"Oreal has also expanded Vichy"s Rhamnose-based products with the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Technologie Derme Source, which has 10% Rhamnose for good measure. So there you go - evidently Rhamnose is a pretty interesting ingredient. Rhamnose, Sodium Hyaluronate và Glycerin aside, the other main ingredients are Alcohol Denat., Dimethicone, Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid, Octyldodecanol, and Mica. Dimethicone is a silicone, which provides slip và a nice texture lớn the product, while Octyldodecanol is an emollient with emulsifying properties. Mica provides shimmer to the hàng hóa (for a greater "eye-opening" effect), while Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid is a buffering agent used in adjusting the pH of the product. So that rounds up the product"s ingredients, with the exception of Alcohol. I"ve sầu mentioned Alcohol before in various sản phẩm reviews (lotion, toners, moisturizers, anti-acne products, anti-aging products, sunscreens, primers, the Kiehl"s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range and their Oil Eliminator range), và I have sầu (I think) a fairly balanced view towards alcohol in skincare products: I"ve said it before, but my general belief is that alcohol is a useful penetration enhancer, và thus useful for getting active sầu ingredients inkhổng lồ the skin, và can also help lớn thin out products that may otherwise be very thick & difficult to lớn use. But at high amounts, alcohol can be drying, so it isn"t for all skin types. In the Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum, Alcohol is listed as the fourth ingredient, which may be a bit too high for the comfort of some people, but given that Water, Glycerin và Rhamnose probably make up quite a large percentage of the product, the actual percentage of alcohol may not be very high. I guess some people"s skins would be able to lớn tolerate it, và some people"s skins won"t - sometimes you just have lớn try it out & see what your comfort màn chơi is!
Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum: A lightweight, lotion-like serum that absorbs fast & leaves no residue
And sure enough, my experience with the Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum reflected the ingredients of the sản phẩm. With a heavy use of humectants (Glycerin, Rhamnose, Sodium Hyaluronate) và not that many emollients (Dimethicone, Octyldodecanol), và the presence of Alcohol Denat. as a thinner/penetration enhancer, I expected the hàng hóa khổng lồ be a thin, light one, và sure enough it was. I see now why Kiehl"s calls this a serum rather than an eye cream, because it is a very lightweight, almost lotion-like sản phẩm, rather than the thichồng creams we are used khổng lồ seeing eye products come as. When I applied it lớn my skin, I found it lớn sink in fast, leaving no residue at all, & surprisingly, despite the alcohol nội dung, it didn"t irritate my skin or dry it out at all. So while some people may be cautious about the alcohol content, I personally found that for me it wasn"t a concern. That said, the skin around my eye is pretty normal, being neither too dry nor too oily. When a product is very high in alcohol nội dung, it does have some reaction on my face (typically a drying sensation), so this leads me to lớn speculate that the amount of alcohol in this hàng hóa probably isn"t too high. Looking at the formula, I"m guesstimating that the percentage of alcohol could be as low as under 10% even. That said, your own personal reaction to lớn the hàng hóa would also depover on your own skin type. Overall, when I used the hàng hóa, I felt lượt thích over time, it did improve the appearance of my eye area, so I think this did work for me. It was also easy khổng lồ use, being so lightweight, and works well under my sunscreen và makeup too, which is a plus.

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Kiehl"s Super Multi-Corrective sầu Eye-Opening Serum: Despite the alcohol nội dung
So, would I recommkết thúc this product? While it personally worked well on me, and while I think the formulation is interesting (if you believe Rhamnose does have good benefits when used topically), I"m always aware that some people may be sensitive lớn certain ingredients in the product, lượt thích Alcohol in this case. While my own experience with the product leads me lớn believe sầu that the alcohol nội dung is pretty low (or at least, low enough lớn not cause any dryness in my own normal eye-skin), I"m aware some people may still be cautious about it. Alcohol aside, though, I think this hàng hóa has several things going for it, particularly the fact that it is indeed "paraben-không tính tiền, mineral-oil-không tính tiền, fragrance-không tính phí, colorant-free", which while not a concern for me personally, would definitely appeal lớn consumers for whom those things are a concern. I think if you don"t have concerns over the alcohol content, & are in the market for a super-lightweight, hydrating eye cream/serum, then this would be worth checking out.

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Recommended? Formulation Packaging Ease of Use Effectiveness The Bottom Line: This is a lightweight eye serum that features Rhamnose & Sodium Hyaluronate, making lightweight & hydrating, and would be good for those which don"t object to lớn having some alcohol in their hàng hóa.
Yes, if you don"t mind the alcohol 7/10 9/10 9/10 8/10

(Product was sent for Đánh Giá. nhận xét is my complete và honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)