Kevin Murphy Night

Written by Sam

Not even talking sports cars with penchants for sarcasm could have kept makeup artist & blogger Sam from trying the subject of today’s guest post.


It’s not often that I’ll rush from the Upper East Side lớn the Village with barely an hour khổng lồ spare just lớn grab a product. But my hair was getting long & resisting the mild styling power of my current crème, and I had a big night ahead. A flat, shapeless ‘do simply would not… do.

Australian hair guru Kevin Murphy was the creator of my previously favorite hair product, Easy.Rider. This potent, herbal crème left my short, blow-dried hair soft, satiny, và de-frizzed; unfortunately, when my hair gets longer, it tends to thất bại definition. A quick jaunt through the interweb led me lớn Kevin Murphy’s interesting pop-art site (and here for the store). Nearly every page has an accompanying podcast where the stylist himself illustrates, step by step, how lớn style with the lotion, crème, or powder; a great little addition that quickly helped me pick the small, jet-black box that was simply one of the most aesthetically appealing packages I’d ever encountered.

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One metro ride down lớn a tiny four-seat salon làm tóc in the Village completed my quest for my new Hairy Grail, & left me in possession of the cleverly named Night.Rider (about $20 for a 3.7-oz. Box).


This soft paste promised a “tough hold & a rough matte texture,” but Kevin Murphy had never met my hair. Although I was still recalling memories of my wonderful jaunt with Easy.Rider, I was skeptical of what this sản phẩm could do. On my indifferent locks, matte usually equaled flat, and textured often led to lớn tangled. A thorough rinse in cold water & a quick blow out prepped my hair for its upcoming ordeal.Clicking mở cửa the clever latch on the package, my nose was pleasantly assaulted by a smooth citrus scent, reminiscent of a hand painted ceramic bowl nestled in some sunny breakfast nook filled with bright tangerines. As it turns out, Night.Rider is laced with the oils of these tasty fruits, which, due to its incredibly high concentration of vitamin C, imparts a subtle sheen và reverses environmental damage.

Rubbing a dime-size amount of the concentrated hàng hóa between my palms quickly emulsified the thick paste into a slightly sticky film that I rather cautiously ran through my hair. Immediately upon contact, I could already see it setting, creating a thick, piecey look. I could have easily stopped there & ran to meet my friend across town, but I wanted more. I massaged the sản phẩm deep into my roots in the way a good stylist at an expensive salon gives one of those marvelous scalp massages as they let the conditioner phối in — strong, circular movements that made sure every strand was evenly coated from root to lớn un-split end. My hair began to feel softer and looked softly defined: small pieces curled and overlapped, and fell in that enviable it-looks-like-I-rolled-out-of-bed-this-way-but-I-really-spent-a-good-deal-of-time-getting-my-hair-this-perfect way (an acronym for that would be greatly appreciated).

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When I was done, I sort of looked lượt thích a wild man. My hair stuck out in every which way but slowly began to lớn settle into place. I was left with a rough, tousled look with a fair bit of volume. Perhaps too much volume. Although I enjoyed the very slightly bouncy hair on top, the pieces that stuck out from the side made my head appear too round, & I don’t enjoy looking like I fit in with the Peanuts gang. So I pushed that extraneous hair flat against my head, và held it there for a good count of three (not one of those cheating, in-a-hurry counts). And… it stayed.

The amazing property of Night.Rider is how quickly và well it sets. The base of beeswax allows the paste khổng lồ take control within 90 seconds & set completely within five minutes. Hold any part of your hair where you want it — be it flattened against your scalp, pieced across your forehead, or mussed up và out — for that good count of three, and it’ll stay. Style a perfect chignon, and pull a few pieces loose, holding them in place for that great disheveled look, or separate bangs khổng lồ show off that great layering your stylist gave you. Hair still retains natural movement, but always shifts back into place. Hurricane force winds may give this hàng hóa a run for its money, but if you can manage lớn avoid natural disasters, your styling should be good to lớn go until you wash it out.

Unlike many thick products that require industrial màn chơi cleansers lớn extract from your ‘do, Night.Rider is nearly completely water-soluble. Even my mildest color-protecting shampoo that lacks the surfactants to lớn really strip out build-up can leave my hair soft & clean after using this product.

And since I’ve begun using this for my new morning scalp massages, my hair actually looks, and feels, healthier. I’ll chalk that up lớn the wonderfully fragrant tangerine oil infusing every strand with moisture & antioxidants, và the beeswax acting to seal in that moisture và protect from all sorts of damage.

My one gripe with Night.Rider is that the finish is more towards satin than completely matte. Actually, I prefer this, but would have preferred a bit more truth in advertising, và if that’s all I can say against this product, that’s not bad at all.

Night.Rider is lượt thích a wax but nowhere near as sticky. It’s lượt thích a pomade but isn’t oily in the slightest. It controls and defines short lớn medium hair và adds texture lớn longer locks. It can mold hair into modern, sexy, piecey looks, or shape, define, & set a classic ‘do. Improve the natural state of your hair, & take your nose on a sensory journey.

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Create a frozen moment in time that lasts till first light. Night.Rider gives you control, and let’s your hair ride free.