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Regulars lớn MWS will know just what a huge huge fan of the Guerlain Meteorites powders I am. I’ve been extolling their beauty and benefits since I started blogging, và since before they were a “thing”, và the MétéoritesPerles a.k.a Guerlain Balls, are the only makeup I actively collect. I mean, I use them, but I also collect them – the newer incarnations anyway.

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Building onthe popularity of their famed Météorites, that give skin a lovely, imperceptible & magical glow, Guerlain introduced this new foundation some time last year – the Guerlain MétéoritesBaby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup Antifatigue Effect Baby Glow Foundation SPF25 PA++ – whew, what a mouthful! I’ll just hotline it the Meteorites Baby Glow foundation.


I didn’t buy it when it first launched last year. For some reason, the đánh giá that came out back then weren’t very favourable. Many people complained of it being too sheer for a foundation, và many panned it as a result. However, some time towards the end of 2015, I decided to give it a go. For some reason, it was one of those things I just HAD to lớn try, despite the bad press.

I’m a self-proclaimed fan hâm mộ of most Guerlain foundations, & I even điện thoại tư vấn their BB Beauty Booster a firm favourite, placing it on a pedestal, because I love it so much. I figured that if I enjoy their base products so much, I should give this a chance.

The question of course, is whether I regret giving it a go?

Perish the thought! I’m in freaking love with this Meteorites Baby Glow foundation! 😀


The critics are right. The MétéoritesBaby Glow foundation is fairly sheer, for a foundation. If this had swapped labels with the BB Beauty Booster, which is more foundation than BB cream, I think it would be more accurately labelled.

However, what the MétéoritesBaby Glow foundation purports to do, as they have clearly pointed out, is to give skin a glow & lift tired complexions with just a sheer tint of colour. It’s all there on the tube, folks! & if I’m to lớn be fair, I bởi vì not think this very sheer at all. I’ve come across worse.

The sản phẩm comes in a tube, with a pump, and is rather small in size, but houses a respectable 30ml of product, just like most foundation sizes. I kind of lượt thích this, because it makes the hàng hóa very portable, and you can easily tuck this into your travel pouch, or daily makeup kit without it weighing you down, or without fear of it breaking và spilling.

It only comes in 3 shades – 02 Clair/Light, 03 Medium, 04 Dore – which is rather limited, but because of the sheer texture, it may work with in-between skintones. However, as with most Guerlain colour bases, this Baby Glow foundation tends to a slightly more pink tone. While it might be this pink tint that helps lớn give tired skin a lift (most pink toned bases do) it might also mean that it may turn out looking ashy on warmer skintones. It’s a bit of a gamble, and I know that’s a common problem with all Guerlain foundations, not just this one.


This is a comparison of the Baby Glow foundation khổng lồ other foundations I also use, in the shades that suit my skintone. You may notice how the 2 Guerlain bases are more significantly pink compared khổng lồ other popular foundations. You may also notice from the swatch, that the Baby Glow isn’t all THAT sheer as I’d been led khổng lồ believe before.

I’d consider this a foundation with light lớn medium coverage, which you can build up where you need. For me, I use just 1 pump of sản phẩm each time, which I then spread out using this fool-proof foundation method, and I like blending out with a foundation brush. Then, I use the brush lớn pick up remaining product & dab it over areas where I need it most, to lớn even out skintone & cover redness.

You may be able to lớn tell from the before-after collage below, just how well (or not) it works for me.

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With just the Baby Glow foundation, you may notice how most redness và uneven skintone is evened out. Skin almost immediately looks more radiant, with a glow that I can only attribute to lớn the magic of Météorites, & I already look less tired! I usually apply base on my under-eye area as well, và you can see how my complexion is lifted.

When I want lớn look a little more polished, I dab on some concealer where I need it (under-eye, pigmentation on cheeks), blend it out và then apply some powder lớn set, which results in picture #3. Once I mix it, I’m good for practically the whole day, và it doesn’t dry out my skin either. If I don’t, it will slide off eventually. That’s fine by me.

That said, I bởi not have oily skin so I don’t know how it fares for those who do. However, I have worn this for most of the day, then had a 40 minute session on the treadmill, and then cleaned house. It faded, naturally, but still looked pretty decent, so I was quite impressed. (No, I vì chưng not regularly wear makeup khổng lồ the thể hình nor to vị housework 😛 )


For me, someone who prefers a light-medium coverage product, this is wonderful. I can use as much or as little as I like, và sometimes, I apply Meteorites powder all over, which then makes me look pretty flawless. I didn’t expect to lượt thích this as much as I have, but I do! 😀


The Guerlain MétéoritesBaby Glow foundation is a light textured liquid foundation with a light-medium coverage on skin. It only comes in 3 shades – 02 Light, 03 Medium & 04 Dore. I find that the product is light on skin and easily blends. However, some may find that coverage isn’t up to lớn par. For me, I lượt thích that it evens out skintone & redness very nicely, while leaving skin looking imperceptibly và impressively glowy, while lifting the complexion. They aren’t kidding about it having an anti-fatigue effect. It does! Once I mix it with powder, I’m usually good for most of the day. You can also up the glow factor, by apply Meteorites powder all over, which I sometimes vì as well. For me, I love this one. The downside would be the sheerness và the tint, which leans more pink the way all Guerlain bases do, and the price. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful foundation.

PROS:Lightweight texture, Easy to lớn blend, Gives skin a flattering glow and lifts tired complexions, Can be built up by dabbing on with a foundation brush or sponge

CONS: Pricey, Shade may not suit warmer skintones, Some may find it too sheer

WHO WILL like THIS: Anyone who likes light-medium coverage foundation, Anyone who has a more pink toned skintone

PRICE: RM190+ (I forget – if you know, please let me know!)| US$54 |£35.50

AVAILABILITY: Guerlain counters, Sephora stores and online, Nordstrom

For anyone interested, here is the ingredient danh mục for the Baby Glow foundation.

I will lưu ý that there is also that signature scent that Guerlain infuses all their makeup with, which some say is the scent of violets, & I could personally bởi without. But it doesn’t bug me very much, so I’ll live! 😀

Did you try the Guerlain Baby Glow foundation? vì you like light/sheer foundations lượt thích this one?

I’m glad I took a chance on this, despite the mixed đánh giá out there. Personally I think it’s a good one. Light enough not to be a mask, yet does everything a foundation should – lift the complexion, give skin a glow, even out skintone, and make you feel (and look) human enough khổng lồ face the rest of the world 😀 Now, who doesn’t want that eh? 😀

Paris B

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The Baby Glow Foundation looks amazing on you! Your skin looks so rested and healthy 🙂 I’m so happy this is a permanent product, it means I can ‘um’ & ‘ah’ about buying it 😉 I don’t really need a new base sản phẩm atm but everyone I have seen it on online (before and after photos) looks amazing. I’m just so confused at the shade range and what would suit me.

Oh wells – *luckily* (I say that with some sarcasm) I have a lot of time lớn figure it out (I’m also on a $100 monthly beauty challenge atm you see…).

Btw – I love your Guerlain posts! They’re not products I buy very often if at all, but it’s still a brand I admire if that makes sense 🙂


Nicci says

January 12, năm 2016 at 12:56 am

I thought it was really nice, but it was way too pink for me! It’s too bad because it looked really nice.


Lily says

January 12, 2016 at 2:31 pm

I was looking for a BB cream last year, & I really wanted khổng lồ try this. Unfortunately, it’s way too pink for me, so much that it dulls my skin và makes me look 2 shades darker! I sampled some of other Guerlain foundations as well, and they seem to have that effect on my paler warm skin tone. I guess I just have to lớn give up. I ended up buying Dior’s BB Cream instead, in 002 which is warmer.


Paris B says

January 20, năm 2016 at 8:36 am

Yep, all Guerlain bases have that pink tint, which is quite strange to lớn me. I’d have thought they’d have learned from their competitors! They otherwise make very high unique bases. Pity about their lack of shade selection. Which Dior BB did you get? I’m enjoying the Diorskin Nude BB one!


Lily says

January 20, năm nhâm thìn at 6:11 pm

Yes I’m using the Diorskin Nude BB creme as well. I use the shade 002 because it’s warmer.


Palak Kumari says

January 12, 2016 at 5:02 pm

Really its Works , May be we can hide wrinkles on our face with that Guerlain Foundation.. Any Other Foundation is hide my dark spots on face which has been occur due khổng lồ sunburn.. Thanks in Advance..

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Kate says

January 13, năm nhâm thìn at 12:32 am

Goodness, this looks lượt thích something I will like. Might have to look out for occasions for an excuse to lớn purchase this for myself as a gift! *snickers*


HapaGirl says

January 13, năm nhâm thìn at 2:33 pm

I also love your Guerlain reviews…keep em coming, since I’m usually not in a position to lớn buy but I can live vicariously through you. 🙂 Although, I will say that I had the chance khổng lồ pick this up while in Malaysia a few months ago và the RM-to-USD conversion was just so favorable that it knocked a significant amount off of the USD price, và I just couldn’t pass it up. I have yet lớn really give it a go, but my concerns about the shade match (also way too pink on my warm toned skin) are overshadowed by the pure luxury of the formula. Nothing a little corrective powder and strategic concealer can’t fix, as you demonstrated so nicely with those gorgeous photos.


Melisa says

July 28, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Hi Paris,

Should i get 02 light or 03 medium for skin tone NC20-25?


addison says

August 3, 2017 at 11:24 pm

Great review! Would you recommend the Baby Glow Foundation or the Beauty Booster? Debating between the two!