This may sound a bit lượt thích a rant but why can't we enjoy cooler weather here and not feel lượt thích we are stepping inkhổng lồ a sauna whenever we leave sầu the house?

Moreover with outdoor air pollution, ladies in Singapore usually over up with a 'melted' face of cakey foundation và oil pools around our T-Zones - especially around our noses - by the end of the day.

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With my oily & sensitive sầu skin, I have been experimenting with my skincare regime.

I remove sầu my make-up everyday by massaging my face with extra virgin olive oil. Then, I will apply some honey khổng lồ moisturise my skin, & leave sầu it on for about five sầu to lớn 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Every other day, I exfoliate dead skin with a black sugar face scrub from KLAIRS. I will also use an egg-Trắng mask once a week khổng lồ remove sầu pesky blachồng và trắng heads.

Although my current skincare regime leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, I still feel that I am missing something.

After unclogging my pores, I need a hàng hóa that can help cthua them up.

I also want khổng lồ brighten the dull skin tone around my nose whenever it gets oily.

Gel-like texture, cooling effect


Recently, I tried using the Inniskhông lấy phí Whitening Pore Sleeping Pachồng ($37) for a week to see if it suits my needs.

According khổng lồ Korean beauty company, the sleeping paông xã is a cream infused with six types of citrus flavonoids extracted from organic tangerine peels, which helps khổng lồ brighten up dull skin tones, correct dark spots, và refine uneven pore textures.


I found the cream easy lớn spread over my face with its gel-like texture. It felt light & cooling on the skin and also had a light orange scent.

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After applying the sleeping paông chồng, I chilled out in an air-conditioned room khổng lồ help it dry up.

As it was a leave-on treatment, I placed a soft towel on my pillow lớn prsự kiện the cream from transferring to lớn my pillow case.

Rinsing off the sleeping pachồng with warm water the next morning left my skin feeling firm & smooth.


After using the cream for three nights, I found that it reduced my skin redness.

A week later, my skin lost the usual patchy redness & it felt smooth. The dry skin around my forehead và cheeks also looked more hydrated.

It was hard lớn tell if the kích cỡ of my pores became smaller during the reviews period but I think there might be more visible results with longer use of the sleeping pachồng.

My only peeve sầu of this sản phẩm was its gel-lượt thích texture. The stickiness gave sầu me an icky feeling & I had keep my hair away so it wouldn't get stuông chồng lớn my face.


After I finish up Innisfree Whitening Pore Sleeping Paông xã, I am keen to lớn give sầu Innisfree's White Tone Up Sleeping Paông chồng ($24) a try.

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It seems lượt thích a promising product as it has the 6 Free System stamp, which means it is không tính phí from parabens (chemical preservatives), talc, artificial colours, animal ingredients, mineral oil, and artificial fragrance.