A good sunscreen is the most essential aspect of your sunscreen routine. Doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, putting on sunscreen is vital khổng lồ protect your skin. If you are reading this post you are probably considering purchasing an Innisfree sunblock. Read on for my full Innisfree Sunscreen đánh giá of all their different products.

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3. Moist Winter Barrier Sunscreen

Protection Factor: SPF50 + page authority ++++Purpose: Winter Protective SunscreenWearing a sunscreen during winter is as important as during summer. The UV rays during winter are weaker than during summer but they are not non-existent. If you want lớn prevent your skin from ageing & from getting wrinkles then you want lớn wear sunblock on a daily basis. The Innisfree Sunscreen is excellent for the dry winter months. It is protects you against the UV rays, protects the skin barrier and it regulates the moisture level.Click here for more info & for prices.

4. The Minimum Sun Cream

Protection Factor: SPF25 PA++Purpose: Hypoallergenic sunscreen for sensitive skin typesDo you have really sensitive skin and do other sunblocks irritate your skin? They you might want to lớn give this Innisfree Minimum sun cream a try. It consists of 90.8% natural ingredients và helps strengthen the skin barrier.Click here for more info và for prices.

5. Sensitive Sun Cushion

Protection Factor: SPF50 pa ++++Purpose: Sun CushionIf you are out during the day & need to reapply your make up và sunscreen every few hours, then this sun cushion will save you some time, as this is a 2-in-1 product.The sản phẩm is made with chất lượng ingredients và is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Ingredients include coconut water and hibiscus flower extract, these cool down & soothe the skin.Click here for more info and prices.

6. Aqua Water Drop Sunscreen

Protection Factor: SPF50 + page authority ++++Purpose: Sunscreen, wrinkle improvement và whitening effectAnother sunscreen with multiple purpose. It is not only a sunscreen which protects against UV rays but also battles wrinkles & has a whitening effect. Additionally, due to the sunflower seed oil & green tea extract, it also keeps the skin moisturized.Click here for more info và prices.

7. Intensive Anti-pollution Sunscreen

Protection Factor: SPF50 + pa ++++Purpose: Sunscreen và protects skin against fine dustThis sunscreen protects you against the UV rays and against fine dust from sticking to your skin. It is water proof, good against wrinkles and brightens the skin tone.Click here for more info and for prices.

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8. Daily Family Sunscreen

Protection Factor: SPF50 + pa ++++Purpose: Big bottle of sunscreenEzoicreport this adThis is the only big bottle (150 ml) sunscreen sold by Innisfree. This is the kind of bottle you want khổng lồ have at home which you (and others) can use before going out of the house. It contains cactus extract and is an excellent moisturizer.Click here for more info and for prices.

9. Daily UV Protection Stick Calamine Tone up

Protection Factor: SPF50 + pa +++++Purpose: Tone Up Soothing sunscreenA major ingredient in this sunscreen is calamine (10%), which is know khổng lồ half a calming effect on itchy skin. Additionally it also contains aloe vera leaf extract which also moisturizes và soothes the skin.Apart from the soothing effect, this sunscreen also whitens the skin & improves the wrinkles.Click here for more info & for prices.

10. Ato Soothing Sun Stick

Protection Factor: SPF50 + page authority ++++Purpose: Soothing sunscreen stick

The sunscreen in non sticky and has excellent soothing qualities, as this sun stick is made from Jeju Seokjangpo extract. Seokjangpo is a plant which is often found in valleys & along the stone wall paths of Jeju Island. Apart from soothing, it also strengthens the barrier functions.Click here for more info and prices.

11. Perfect UV Protection Cream

Protection Factor: SPF50+/PA+++Purpose: Innisfree sunscreen for oily skinThis is the best Innisfree sunscreen for oily skin. It has a lower pa than the other sunscreens but can easily withstanding sweat và sebum. It contains sunflower oil & green tea extract, which keep the skin healthy & protect against UV rays.Click here for more info and prices.

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Final Verdict Innisfree Sunscreen Review

I have been using Innisfree sunscreen for more than 4 years and have nothing to lớn complain about. Before leaving the house I use a liquid sunscreen like the intensive sunscreen & I always have the sunscreen stick in my bag so I can reapply the sunscreen during the day without making my hands dirty.