Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Review


This reviews has been sitting on the back burner for a month so it’s time I wrap it up and put it out there.

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This purchase was influenced by raw desperation. I grew tired of owning lackluster skin early this year, so I decided to lớn finally vày something about it. Unhappy with my serum then, I took lớn Google và Naver & the Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum repeatedly showed up on my quest for a new product. However as I hadn’t heard of the brand, I paid it little interest but this quickly changed when I noted the number of review this product had. The majority of the reviews were positive stating satisfactory results so I figured why not since the price was definitely nothing threatening to my wallet.

My purchase included the full size serum (30ml), a smaller travel form size version of it và a small tube of the Green Tangerine Vita C Cream.

Goodal has been around for 9 almost 10 years but since I hadn’t been actively researching new products for some time, the brand only became known to lớn me earlier this year. If you’re coming upon the brand for the first time, you might be surprised to know that it’s actually a brand under Clio Cosmetics. At least I know I was.

Below is an excerpt straight from Goodal’s trang web that I thought would interest some.

Under the biểu ngữ of, “Good All Natural Remedy,” Goodal is a brand that provides a clear, bright skin tone with the use of modern technology, infusing the skin with the vitality and energy of nature. Goodal uses modern technology that faithfully extracts energy from nature through a process, free of boiling or heating. We employ a special leaching process with clean, low-temperature cold water to lớn purely extract natural ingredients with all their healing properties intact. This process takes place by slowly steeping ingredients over the course of 120-300 hours enabling the filtration of impurities for the fresh, pure extraction of undamaged, active ingredients.

Vitamin C is known lớn boost the skin’s collagen production, provide anti-oxidants, and neutralize miễn phí radicals that age the skin. It’s also capable of brightening dull skin, enabling it to lớn look younger and more radiant. But it doesn’t even stop there. Vitamin C also contains properties that can inhibit melanin production, which in terms helps with lightening hyper-pigmentation. It also plumps the skin & smooths out fine lines & wrinkles. People with scars và acne also benefit from the continued use of vitamin C.

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So why has Goodal selected these green tangerines from Jeju Island as their source of vitamin C for their entire Green Tangerine Vita C line?

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“Green tangerines can only be harvested during a four week period from August to lớn the beginning of September, often also referred lớn as, ‘putgyul,’ while also being concentrated with anti-oxidants, ten times greater than fully-grown mandarin oranges. They are also a plentiful source of collagen-synthesizing vitamin C và Vitamin P, which protects the skin miễn phí oxygen radicals. Goodal collects green tangerines with care that are fresh và rich with vitamins & active ingredients lớn purely infuse the skin with benefits using Goodal’s very own modern technology.”

While I went through some 30-40 reviews, there were thousands left by users of this serum. Most of them claimed that this product helped with their acne scars, hyper-pigmentation only after a few weeks of use. Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum has a 100% satisfaction rate according to its website.


image source: goodal

I definitely wanted my little hands on this serum for number 2 & 3.


The serum is contained in a sturdy yellow glass bottle and topped with a pastel green cap. It is a bit heavy so it’s not exactly ideal for traveling. However if you get khổng lồ buy the phối that I did, you’ll get an extra travel form size version of the serum.


The serum is yellow, however there’s no artificial pigments added, the màu sắc you see is from natural pigments. It of course smells lượt thích citrus & has a gel like consistency. Once you spread it out, it feels watery & cool.

The serum is dispensed via a pump and I find that a couple of pumps is all it takes to lớn cover my entire face. I apply the serum after my toner and follow up with either lotion or cream (depending on the time of the day).

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Order of application:

(cleanser) –> toner –> serum –> lotion –> cream

Director Pi (cosmetic ingredient analyst) recommends applying this via a “triple serum method”. She suggests using this on areas where you have a lot of hyper pigmentation first. Then mix a bit of the serum with a cream containing vi-ta-min E khổng lồ maximize the efficacy of vi-ta-min C then apply a layer of it all over and repeating the process for a third time. However she notes that the third application be just a thin layer of the combined products. If you don’t have a cream with vi-ta-min E, you can use a moisturizing cream. In fact, those with dry skin types would benefit from the combination of the serum và a moisturizing cream more.

If you’re interested in the đoạn phim of Director Pi explaining the “triple serum method”, you can click on the Youtube video clip below. English subtitles are available!