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Innisfree Real Fit Creamy Lipstick is a moisture lipstick with high glossy gel base, makes lips look elastic và plump.

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I tried to buy through PO last year alongside the Mineral Single Shadow, but since the seller hadn"t fill in the quota for Innisfree brand, it was rejected.
So I"m glad that Innisfree Indonesia distributed this range, although there is a new range already, the Real Fit Velvet Lipstick.

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I think Real Fit is the upgraded version in term of màu sắc vivid-ness & variations.WHAT IT IS1. Moist & comfortable fit with botanical oilLightweight botanical oil gently và moistly fits on lips leaving a comfortable finish.2. Vivid fit with a clear colorThe clear màu sắc vividly fits on lips with a single cảm biến without becoming patchy even when you reapply.3. Vibrant fit with long-lasting moisture maintenanceHighly-adhesive polymer wraps oil elements in a transparent moisturizing layer to lớn maintain a moist và vibrant màu sắc stay all day.CF:



I don"t know why it looks orange-y than brown or coral in every picture. I think the first lip picture is the most true because it contains coral color.
- All Real Fit Creamy Lipstick colors are too dark for my taste. Still prefer Creammellow for soft makeup. But Creammellow doesn"t get sold anymore if I go to lớn the Korean website.

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- Some might feel the finishing will create clumpy lipstick. But try to clean your lips well before re-applying.

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