On the day that I bought this primer, I had just finished a silicone heavy primer và was looking for something that was not foundation but that was going lớn even out my skin tone somewhat, especially for the weekend when I was not wearing makeup. For reference, I am really, really fair và am intending to lớn keep it that way.

For some reason or the other, I decided to wander into Innisfree, which lớn date is my favourite roadside skincare & makeup shop, & browsed for a while until I landed on this makeup primer. I was attracted khổng lồ the claim that it was a mineral primer, as I had not used a mineral sunscreen in a long time, preferring lớn go for chemical sunscreens. You can read the full reviews of my ride-or-die, HG sunscreen over here if you so desire.

I swatched it and really liked how it gave a slight tint khổng lồ my skin that was blendable. So how did this fare in the long run?

・What it is: ・

It’s a face primer that also contains sunscreen.


Great for going makeup miễn phí if you are very, very fair or if you are considering looking lượt thích a ghost.

・Price và Availability: ・

I paid a manner ( ₩10,000 even) at an Innisfree roadside cửa hàng somewhere in Seoul. I do believe that it was on sale at the time, though, so you might find that it could cost a bit more than that. Online, I see these babies retail for US$20.00.

・Size/Quantity: ・

One tube contains 40 ml, which is an alright size for a primer but a bit small for a sunscreen. Make of that what you will. I felt that the price was fair for the amount of product.

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CosDNA has a few yellow flags but no red flags. The minerals that this derives its sun protection from appear lớn be zinc oxide as well as titanium dioxide.

Source: cosDNA

Skincarisma, too, does not really show up with any red flags, though they do lưu ý that this contains some fragrance và that it is not fungal acne safe.

Source: Skincarisma


The packaging is absolutely fine lớn me. You can squeeze out as much as you want, with ease, và the packaging is perfectly travel friendly for it is light, the cap closes tightly and contains under 100 ml, which makes it TSA friendly as far as I am aware.

・What the company says:・

Mineral base for bright skin tone & smooth skin texture

1. 4-in-1 multibase to lớn enhance skin tone, act as a primer, balance oil & moisture, & protect against UV rays

2. Soft essential aroma

After your regular skincare routine, squeeze a dollop of the base into your hands. Spread it on your face & finish by patting gently.

Available in 3 shades lớn suit all skin colours

– PEACH COLOUR: lớn achieve natural skin tone

– GREEN COLOUR: khổng lồ cover reddish or blotchy skin

– PURPLE COLOUR: khổng lồ neutralize yellowish & dull skin tone


The primer is a medium thick, lightly pink tinted cream that spreads easily. I will have lớn say though that you will have to lớn put in a bit of work for it to lớn blend seamlessly into the skin if worn alone. It does take some effort until it no longer appears patchy & uneven. This is not something that bothers me personally as I enjoy touching and patting and massaging my face (LOL) but it might be bothersome khổng lồ some.