Innisfree Spring 2014 Creamy Tint Lip Mousse Review And Swatch


Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse 05 Sweet vi-ta-min Red (Swatch và Review) first swatch (and probably the only colour swatch!) from my innisfree purchases from my korean beauty haul! out of the three items i picked out from innisfree, this is the only colour makeup product.just why did i buy this full bodied red out of the 7 colours!? well, i don"t have a red lipstick yet, và knowing how pigmented and rich this hàng hóa is, i thought it"ll be a good & sure way to get my first red lips.

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as the box suggests, the sản phẩm is touted lớn be1. Vivid colour,2. Light fitting,3. Long"s enriched with camelia oil which helps with hydration và moisturizing.from it"s official website, you can wear this as a light tint, a full on lip colour, and as a cheek colour.
the doe foot application is slightly tapered at the over for a more precise application.
swatched on my lips. I blotted it off while it"s still wet, hence most of the products came off.05 vi-ta-min red is a bright và vibrant red, looks neutral to me so it works for both warm và cool can be worn as a tint by spreading a tiny bit of sản phẩm out on the lips, or as a full-on red lips. The colour is very vibrant & almost has a neon opacity to it.the hàng hóa is not a lip stain, however it will dry down over time to khung a thin veil of colour over your lips. The lip mousse is scented - smells lượt thích candy lớn me.IMHO:
one thing i really lượt thích about korean lip products: they know how to lớn make the colour pop. I think this is a giải pháp công nghệ that a lot of western brands have not caught on yet.

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I don"t know what they added into the formula khổng lồ make the lip colour stand out like this. Now i really want to get the other shades from this line as well knowing how opaque the colour is. IT IS TRUE to lớn THE TUBE! what you see is what you get! the colour payoff is definitely more opaque than a tint (a tint is more watery and translucent, while a mousse as more punch khổng lồ it)as for longevity, it lasted me a good day even though the colour didn"t look as vibrant as before. Once it dries down it is a little harder for it lớn be removed by rubbing your lips with a tissue. Blotting gets almost nothing off. Is it really light fitting? HELL YES!!! again!!! i"m so impressed by korean beauty products. Once it dries down, it becomes a lip hugging colour layer that feels just like your own skin.however, it does dry out over time and if you don"t apply any lip balm, it may make your lips feel dry.i"m not kidding when i say i want to buy more shades. I"m so interested in shades 3 và 4, the former being a coral pink, the latter a hot pink. MAKEUP LOOK
freshly applied: it looks kind of wet & uneven because i wanted more colour on the inner part of my lips.after half a day, the sheen is gone, but the colour is still there. It"s not a stain, just a very thin layer of hàng hóa sticking close to lớn my lips.worn lightly as a tint.