Annyeong! we are in the mood for K-Beauty makeup today. Let’scheck out what are the new makeup items và must haves at THEFACESHOP. The essential items that I must have in my handbag arethe vibrant Ink Gel Stick plus 3 other makeup items such as Bare Skin Mineral CoverPowder, Designing Bowcara, & Flash Pink Powder Beam.

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THEFACESHOP New Makeup Review: Ink Gel Stick, Designing Browcara,Flash Pink Powder Beam và Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder
Great! Here are all the 4 new makeup essential that I used to lớn createthis look such as THEFACESHOP Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder, DesigningBowcara, Ink Gel Stick và Flash Pink Powder Beam.
THEFACESHOP New MakeupInk Gel Stick, Designing Browcara, Flash Pink Powder Beam & Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder

I also added the Ink Grafitti Liquid Liner, Soft Cream Blusher và Freshian Volumizing Mascara frommy previous purchase. So that gives a complete soft & glowing K-Beauty look. TodayI am going to create my daily look khổng lồ work & that take only about 10 minutes.Let’s start!
THEFACESHOP Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder SPF27 PA++, RM78.90

Done with prepping my face with moisturizer, sunblock, primer andnow I am ready for my makeup. Thanks to THEFACESHOP Bare Skin Mineral CoverPowder comes with SPF27 PA++ as an added protection lớn my skin. There is only 1color available which is V201. Some may find this shaded is too light but itgoes well with my skin tone.
Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder is very refined, use the powderpuff provided khổng lồ dab a bit of the powder & smooth it all over the face andneck. The powder has a mind floral scent. It creates a smooth, flawless andpore-less skin finishing. I lượt thích to use it khổng lồ for cảm ứng up as it help to lớn evenout the skin tone và reduce the shining on my T-zone. Overall this is quitelong lasting & gives an even skin tone.
THEFACESHOP Designing Browcara, RM28.90

THEFACESHOP Designing Browcara is the mascara for our eyebrow. Whatis son quality about this Designing Browcara is the pinke tree shaped dense minibrush that can create eyebrow with any desired styles. I lượt thích the DesigningBrowcara not only the easy to lớn use mini brush but also the Cross-Fitting formulaadheres khổng lồ the eyebrows evenly without being smudged by water, perspiration, và sebum.
THEFACESHOP Designing Browcara Application

It helps to lớn create the Korean Eyebrow with a few stroke và thecolor is long lasting. There are 4 shades available #02 Light Brown; #03 GrayBrown; #04 Brown, & #05 Dark Brown. Và I am using #03 Gray Brown that looknatural.
THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick, RM63.90

THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick is my favourite lippie, I love the gel textureand glides smoothly on my lips, instantly create a vibrant color. There are 11shades to lớn choose from & I got 5 shades that I love so much such as the #PK02Rose Peony; #PK03 Pink Shock; #PPO2 Magenta; #RD01 Ink Red; & #OR01 BabyOrange. Now I am using the #PK02 Rose Peony.

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THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick Swatches

The vibrant màu sắc is highly pigmented ink and long lasting. Itgive a very smooth và perfect color coverage on the lips. The texture issmooth & with a single touch, it dramatically slides on your lips with zerofriction. There is a smart elevating system in THEFACESHOP latest lip color,the Ink Gel Stick elevates by 0.5mm per each rotation, which is theapproximately amount for each time usage. So every time I just turn once và Iknow that is enough to lớn my 1 time application, smart right!
THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick Application

The Ink Gel Stick gives a glowing effect that I don’t even have touse lip gloss. Overall, I love the quick application, long lasting, vibrantcolors, moisturizing và nourishing effects. Ink Gel Stick is perfect from dayto night.
THEFACESHOP Flash Pink Powder Beam, RM43.90

This is a very sheer và natural looking illumininating pinkpowder with multi-shimmering effects that creates 3 chiều definitition and addsyouthful brightness to the skin, depends on angle of the light.Use the powder puff provided to dab a smallamount of the powder và lightly pressing onto the face for a bright skin tone.Or you can also dab lightly dab it on the T zone và C zone for highlightingeffects or use brush. TheFlash Pink Powder Beam can alsobe used to lớn create 3d effects on area that is mostimportant for youthful-looking such as forehead, cheek và jaw. Flash PinkPowder Beam gives a very natural glow & radiance effects lớn the skin.

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THEFACESHOP New Makeup Review: Ink Gel Stick, Designing Browcara, Flash Pink Powder Beam và Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder

Lastly cảm biến up with Soft Cream Blusher Ink Grafitti Liquid Liner,Freshian Volumizing Mascara; và I am ready to lớn go. Here is my complete look, itis hassle không tính phí and quick for every morning makeup before going to lớn work. Have ahappy and fruitful day.
For more information about THEFACESHOP New Makeup: Ink Gel Stick,Designing Browcara, Flash Pink Powder Beam & Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder
,please visit THEFACESHOP Malaysia
written bySunshine Kelly


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