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Hey everyone! Welcome back lớn the VN reviews Corner! Today we"ll be reviewing a Visual Novel that I have been playing since the start of Spring Break.

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It took some time, but I have finally finished it after a week!


A reminder that there will be SPOILERS in this Visual Novel, so if you have this VN and still haven"t finished it, then please play the trò chơi first before reading my post.

And with that, let"s begin!



Ryousuke moved back khổng lồ his hometown of Shionagi, which he had been away from for seven years, and transferred into his new school in the middle of the summer. He reunited with his childhood friend Marika, met the sole astronomy club member Sora & made new friends among his classmates. He joined the event management committee to enjoy his school life even more. Along the way, he noticed the dreams of the girls around him, along with his own desires to be closer lớn them. On this particular summer day begins a love story that extends towards the future.

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I must say, I was very happy that I played this. I could tell that they improved a lot in this Visual Novel and the common route was really good. It gave off a feeling of a chill High School Life, & the girls in this việt nam were interesting. I didn"t hate any of them, nor found them lame và boring like some Visual Novels I played, và of course, I already found my best girl in this nước ta rather quickly.


The story is just your typical Slice-of-Life anime with Romance put into it. Each route gave their own themes and they were very memorable. I really love the character interactions in this game. It makes the reader feel that they can relate to the Protagonist they"re playing as và can connect to lớn them, which is a good plus for me. Shuuichi, the Protagonist"s Best Friend, was a very funny side character & I love how they made him have a realistic personality & didn"t made him like some characters that are only there khổng lồ be funny.


I will be categorizing the Routes for this. First, I will nhận xét their "School Routes" then I will be reviewing their "After Routes" next as this trò chơi is also divided into those parts.

Let"s begin!



School Route

The title and the whole theme of the story sort of connects with Sora, as she"s a girl that loves the stars more than anyone else & is a part of the astronomy club. Her route"s theme is, well, the stars.

Her route focuses on the sự kiện committee helping her on making a Planetarium for her club khổng lồ participate in the Festival. She"s the only thành viên of the Astronomy Club so it"s up khổng lồ Kyousuke lớn help her on achieving that goal. Her route was a bit different than the rest of the girls. In other routes, she rather had decided early that she"s going to make a planetarium. In her route, she didn"t & it took her a month in-game before she could decide.



The romance was, well, a bit off, to lớn say the least. Sure, Ryousuke realized that he had feelings for Sora, but the whole plot & development between the two of them was rather quick for the story. There were no "signs" that Sora was secretly harboring feelings for him, nor giving signs that she was the girl that Ryousuke was talking about when they were kids. However, at least they made the confession sweet. I love the fact that when Ryousuke was told to wait by Sora, he never skipped a day to spend time with her. He will mix aside the confession in order to help her on the planetarium.


After Route

Sora"s After Route was really interesting. It is set years after graduation where Sora is now an attendant at a Planetarium and Ryousuke decided to xuất hiện up his own Architecture firm with Sora as his assistant. This route shows how the two of them support each other as they"re working, và what I really liked in this route was that it showed Ryousuke"s teacher: Azuma Morio make Ryousuke realize that he should be designing his own buildings using his own, & not like Azuma"s designs because he now has his own Architecture Firm. It also shows their other friends sometimes visiting them and asking him to lớn design their homes.


School Route

She"s a childhood friend character, so you can probably guess what her Route"s theme is. She is, once again, the childhood friend of Hino Ryousuke, and she was weak & frail when she was a kid và recovered greatly as she grew up.

Her route is just mostly "Oh, what"s this? I thought she was just a childhood friend" storyline. Her route focuses on Ryousuke và her helping the clubs to build a Planetarium and a mini aquarium for both the Astronomy and Naturalist clubs.

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Her route made me tear up khổng lồ be honest. At first, I thought her dad was just a typical parent that loves her daughter very much, và that he didn"t want Ryousuke to steal her away from him, but as the story progressed & when Ryousuke và Marika became a couple, you can see her father slowly softening up lớn him & finally, you can understand why he"s overprotective.


This route is just your typical "Childhood friend but not really" Story lượt thích those Shoujo manga you read where the Childhood Friend wins, except that there were no Love Triangles. Which makes me think that she must be really hurt if Ryousuke chooses to lớn pick another girl besides her, & yet she will still choose to support him and the girl he chose. This is a good girl.

Her personality is quite motherly. It"s really sweet how she would tư vấn and help Ryousuke if he"s in a hard situation & she will not complain. Goes khổng lồ show how much she really loved him ever since they were kids.

After Route

Marika"s after route focuses on her supporting Ryousuke, as he studies for his exam to get a license lớn be an Architect. She was really sweet in this route & I love how she"s already a wife material even if they"re still not married. She really loved him that much and that is admirable.

In this route, Marika continued lớn become a teacher while Ryousuke became an Architect.

Her route also shows her parents" thoughts about their daughter và their soon to be son-in-law, Ryousuke. He and Marika"s father had a one-on-one talk about their daughter"s condition back then & the fact that she"s surviving & well today now, và has been spending time with the man she loved since childhood.


School Route

Oh Natsuki. I really love her route. She"s a great character and a great wingman in other routes, so I"m glad that you can romance her. She"s a photographer for the Grad-Alb Committee so you"ll always find her taking pictures of people with or without their consent. Her route focuses on photography và her path to lớn becoming a great photographer.

Her route had great moments. It honestly felt lượt thích she was your best buddy during the common route và that Ryousuke talks to her when he has problems. She"s obviously the boke and Ryousuke is the tsukkomi if they ever become a comedy duo.


I felt that their relationship developed quite fast. Sure, it took them like two months, but during that time, the two of them were just friends and suddenly Natsuki started acting strange & then confessed to lớn him one day out of the blue. That was the only thing I didn"t lượt thích in this route. However, the events that came after the confession sự kiện were really sweet & I love how Ryousuke is supportive towards her & her dream. Their moments were really sweet and funny. I like how the two of them would joke around at first, & then they would act like an "idiot couple" the next. Hell, they would even be chummy with each other in front of their friends.


School Route

First of all, she"s an "Ara Ara Heroine." and you guys know I love me some Ara Ara heroines when it comes to visual novels. Her route is focused on the Naturalist club"s Mini Aquarium. I say this because in this route, Sora decided to lớn stop her astronomy club"s participation & instead decide khổng lồ help as a member of the Naturalist club, which seemed lớn be weird.

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This girl loves talking about Fish Facts. I kinda saw it coming when Ryousuke went to lớn a closed aquarium and saw her there.