Extreme made easy: gopro hero4 session review

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The Bottom Line

The shrunken-down GoPro Session (previously the Hero4 Session) may not offer any performance gains over its big brothers, but it's still quite good & more fun to use than other action cams.

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Compact, low-profile design.Simple-to-use, always-on operation.Great đoạn phim quality.Improved audio.Waterproof without bulky housing.

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GoPro launched the Hero4 Session last year as a $399.99 kích hoạt camera designed khổng lồ be smaller và simpler than other GoPro cameras lượt thích the Hero4 Silver ($780.00 at Amazon) . Since then, GoPro released the 4K-capable Hero5 Session ($780.00 at Amazon) , a marked nâng cấp over the Hero4 Session with a $299.99 price tag. The Hero4 Session remains in GoPro"s lineup as the nhân vật Session, with a much lower price tag of $199.99. It"s an appealing waterproof action camera with a tiny profile & compatibility with GoPro"s extensive selection of mounts, but the Hero5 Session eclipses it with both 4K recording và a few expanded high-speed video clip modes.

Editors" Note: The introduction and conclusion of this nhận xét has been modified lớn reflect the Hero4 Session"s new status as the hero Session. The toàn thân of the reviews and the rating have not been changed.

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Design, Features, & SetupDespite the completely new size factor, there"s a distinct GoPro flavor to the Session ($780.00 at Amazon) . It"s still boxy by most standards (a roughly 1.5-inch, 2.6-ounce cube), and the lens looks lượt thích it was lifted straight off of the larger Hero4. The Session is pocketable, but it still produces a rather unsightly bulge. On top is a multi-function Shutter button và around back is a Power/Pairing button. That"s it as far as on-body controls go, though there is a slim monochrome LCD that shows shooting mode, battery life, & a handful of menu options. A small door on the side pops mở cửa to reveal the micro USB port & microSD thẻ slot. The Session supports cards up to lớn 64GB, but no card is included with the camera.


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