Giáo Án Vnen Review 4: Skills


Dưới đây là mẫu giáo án VNEN review 4: Language. Bài học kinh nghiệm nằm trong chương trình tiếng Anh 8 tập 2. Bài bác mẫu gồm : văn bạn dạng text, tệp tin PDF, file word đính kèm. Thầy cô giáo có thể tải về nhằm tham khảo. Hi vọng, mẫu mã giáo án này đem về sự hữu ích.




By the over of the lesson, students can đánh giá what they have learnt

Knowledge: Grammar: - reported speech ,may & might reviewLexical items : lexical items related lớn life on other planets.Pronunciation: Skills:

- Listening, Speaking, Reading,Writing và interactive skills


- Cooperation, respect, having right and friendly attitudes with friends, teachers in the new school

quality and competence:

- Be confident & friendly with the new school environment

- Develope listening, speaking skills và cooperative interaction


1.Teachers preparation:

- Lesson plan, Pictures, posters ,textbook,CD-MP3(Computer-Multi projector/cassette/ “sách mềm”) và other materials

2.Students preparation:

- Textbook, notebook, school things.

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- Pair work , individual work, group work, T-WC


1-Greeting`and checking students’ adtendence: Total: In: ......... Out: .......... .

2-Checking the old lesson

3-New lesson:

Teacher’s và students’ activities



T can use this language reviews section as an assessment tool. Give Ss 30 minutes to vì the exercises then

check the answers with the class. T can then provide further practice with areas that Ss still find difficult.

Otherwise, T can conduct each activity lượt thích a regular class activity, putting Ss into pairs, eliciting ideas and answers, etc.


1. Mark the găng tay for the following... (P68)

- reviews the rules of căng thẳng in words starting or ending in un-, im-, -iul, -less, -ity, and -ive with Ss as a class.

Have Ss then mark the căng thẳng independently. Play the recording. Ss listen và correct their answers.

Confirm their answers. Ss listen again and repeat, in chorus and individually.

2.Complete the words... (P68)

- Ss work individually khổng lồ complete the words in the sentences.

- Then T plays the recording for Ss khổng lồ check.


3.Match each verbs... (P68)

- Ss bởi the task individually và then cốt truyện their answers with a partner. Kiểm tra Ss" answers.

4.Write the correct form... (P68)

- Let Ss read the passage for two or three minutes.

- Ask Ss what part of speech can be filled in each blank.

- Elicit their answers. Ss bởi vì this exercise individually.

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- T may ask some Ss to write their answers on the board.

- Correct as a class.


uni"dentified "meaningful

un"suitable "paperless

a"bility im"mobile

"wireless po"ssessive

suc"cessful in"formative

inte"ractive im"possible

capa"bility un"popular

"powerless "colourless


1. Colourless

2. Unidentified

3. Interactive

4. Capability

5. Meaningful

6. Impossible


1. Meet face-to-face 4. Fly into space

2. Make inventions S. Move round the sun

3. Exchange information 6. Benefit from science and technology


1. Scientist 2. Chemistry

3. Inventor 4. Ambitious

5.unhappy 6. Invention


5.Use the correct size of... (P68)

- Ss work individually and then compare their answers with a partner.

- điện thoại tư vấn some Ss to lớn read out their answers.

Confirm the correct answers.

6.Rewrite the following sentences... (P68)

- Ss vày the task individually. Have two Ss write the sentences on the board while other Ss vì the exercise at

their desks.

- Ss phản hồi on the sentences on the board. Confirm the correct ones.

Everyday English

7.Match the questions.... (P68)

- Ss bởi vì the task individually.

- Then they can check their answers in pairs & practise saying the exchanges

as naturally as possible.

- Select different pairs to say the exchanges to lớn the rest of the class

Home work: prepare for nhận xét 4(2)


1. Will ... Be? 2. Lớn buy 3. To lớn read 4. Look

S. Will be 6. Will appear 7. To read 8. Will appear


1. Lena said (that) she enjoyed chatting on the phone with her friends.

2. The teacher said (that) a communication breakdown might happen due to cultural differences.

3. Duong asked (me/ us) what the inhabitants of đời jupiter might look like.

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4. Chau asked (me/ us) if/ whether we would still have traffic jams in 30 years" time.

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