Forward head posture fix review 2021 and recommendations


The new epidemic of forward head posture is something that ismentioned a lot on this site so my interest peaked when I came across the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

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The program lays out a routine of simple movements that utilises a special ‘Sequential Flow’ method that claims will fix yourforward head posture without fail.

What’s even more intriguing is that the program claims that all the advice you’ve ever heard on fixingforward head posture is wrong.

After reading the sales page I couldn’t help but want khổng lồ see what theForward Head Posture Fix program was all about và what the secret sauce really was.

If you have sầu been browsing và researching hàng hóa reviews on theForward Head Posture Fix you’ll likely come across review that are of little help.

In most cases, the people reviewing haven’t even used the product.

I decided the only way I was going to get a true view of the program was if I bought it for myself.

So I counted my savings và luckily I did have the $9 lớn purchase it.

If you’re interestedin this program & currently sitting on the fence about making the purchase, then this post should be of interest to you.

In this post, I’ll lay out what the program is, how it works, as well as my own thoughts regarding the product & information.

One other thing khổng lồ note is that I am not a health professional or expert, this is just my own humble opinion of theForward Head Posture Fix program.

What Is the Forward Head Posture Fix Program?

In a nutshell, the Forward Head Posture Fix is a short guide which is designed lớn show you how lớn fix forward head posture.

The creator, Mike Westerdal, a national best-selling fitness author has teamed up with Riông xã Kaselj (a leading kinesiologist và injury specialist) to present their special formula on how khổng lồ fix forward head posture.

This special method supposedly ‘unravels’ the neck muscles và improves posture guaranteeing instant results.

The creators state that most information on how to lớn fix forward head posture is flawed as it’s based on the concept of static stretching which can only provide temporary relief.

They further postulate that online ‘experts’ have been all wrong because it’s not about the stretches & movements, but it’s the order that these are executed that matter.

This is what they điện thoại tư vấn the Sequential Flow Method.

This special unravelling technique includes:

Muscle Re-Education DrillsBreathing ExercisesMobility ExercisesDeep Cervical Flexors trainingSelf-MassageStatic StretchingPostural Strengthening

The Forward Head Posture Fix compiles all these techniques inlớn an 11 step series that will improve sầu posture in less than 15 minutes a day.

TheForward Head Posture Fix Package và Deal


Forward Head Posture Package

TheForward Head Posture Fix package includes:

A Manualthatteaches thebasics offorward head posture and details the basic process of fixing it.A DVD video showing how to lớn perform the routine with proper form. Once you have learnt the proper form, you can use another video to follow along to as you begin lớn add the exercises to your daily routine. The third component of the series is a Clip showing methods khổng lồ make the exercises easier or harder depending on your preferences.

With every purchase you’ll receive a set of bonuses:

Lower Baông xã Pain Lifestyle phân tích và đo lường DVD10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions Guide

The package costs $50 but is available for $9 if you purchase before the timer expires.

My Experience: Making the Purchase

I had no real issues or worries about purchasing the sản phẩm.

TheForward Head Posture Fix program is sold on the Clickbank Marketplace which is a trusted organisation.

Any payments or credit card details are dealt withby Clickngân hàng và not the sản phẩm creators so you shouldn’t worry about getting scammed or your details getting stolen.

If there is one issue with purchasing the product, it’s the constant sale and upsells you’ll have sầu lớn go through to get lớn your final sản phẩm.

Expect that once your payment is accepted, you’ll be bombarded with many chances khổng lồ purchase other products from the creators in a series of pop up screens.

If you bởi manage to lớn stay calm and not throw your computer out the window during this period, you will eventually reach the program materials.

The Program Materials

Despite the page describing the materials as a DVD, & a Manual, these aren’t actual physical copies.

Instead, the program is online so you vị not have khổng lồ get anything delivered & can use the materials right away.

Once you get past the many sale messages I just mentioned, you will kết thúc up at a tải về page where you can download all your purchases.

There is a link khổng lồ tải về the Forward Head Posture Fix manual which comes in PDF format.

Underneath this tải về links are the coaching videos embedded inlớn the same page.

You can either watch the videos on the download page or download the videos by clicking a button on the đoạn phim player.

The videos on that page include:

A coaching instructional video which shows Richồng teaching you how to lớn perkhung the moves. Video length is 34 minutes.A 12 minute follow along video clip that you can use on a daily basis.2 other videos with exercise swaps if you wish khổng lồ change some of the movements in the routine. These videos are each around đôi mươi minutes long.

Bonuses also available on the download page include:

2 Lower Bachồng Pain Lifestyle Audit videos of around 10 minutes each.The 10 BestNatural Sleep Solutions Manual PDF which is 37 pages long.

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The Benefits Claimed in the Forward Head Posture Fix: Fact or Fiction?

Right from the get-go, I’ll say that I have sầu no issue with the benefits they cite regarding correctingforward head posture.

This is quite unlike their previous hàng hóa Unlock Your Hip Flexors which made claims that seemed rather unrealistic và at times bizarre.

The creators cite that some of the benefits of fixing forward head posture include better appearance, breathing, hormone regulation và energy levels.

I am with them on the ideas that fixing forward head posture brings a whole host of benefits, some of which go beyond scientific facts such as improving confidence và mood.

In addition, they state forward head posture is becoming more comtháng in today’s society due lớn all the sitting and staring at screens we are doing these days.

They remind us that it’s become so common that forward head posture caused by technology is often known as ‘text neck‘ and that the infamousDowagers Humponce only associated with old women, is now prevalent amongst young individuals of both genders.

Like the creators, I agree that if you have forward head posture, it should be your top priority to address the issue right away.

My Thoughts: Forward Head Posture Fix Program Contents

When I started reading the PDF I was surprised as it was slightly better than I expected.

I will say, however, that the majority of the PDF doesn’t outline anything new or cutting edge, but it gives a simple overview of the importance of posture and more background on the benefits of fixing forward head posture.

In many ways the PDF covers the same points as thesales page, except each point is covered in greater depth.

This kind of information takes up pages 1-38 of the 60 page PDF.

However, you most likely didn’t buy the hàng hóa to learn about the background offorward head posture và neither did I.

It’s the special method & whether it works which is most important.

This is what is covered in the remaining pages of the manual.

The Sequential Flow Method

This method devised by Rick postulates that static stretching is pointless và that it is the order of the movements và exercises that are important to fixingforward head posture.

The muscles must be ‘unwound’ in the right order lớn target them properly.

If you don’t, you’re wasting your time.

They believe that this concept has been missed by many experts.

In essence, theForward Head Posture Fix program is grounded on the principle of the Sequential FlowMethod & this is the products only quality selling point.

Without it, it is no different from any otherforward head posture fixing routine.

I’m not an expert, but I have sầu watched many videos & done quite a bit of research on how to lớn fix forward head posture, và I see nothing new in any of the steps they’ve laid out in theForward Head Posture Fix program.

What I will say is that I vì believe that the routine they have sầu laid out is sufficient to lớn fixforward head posture.

The routine addresses the issues of the tight muscles in the neông xã by including massage và stretching techniques.

They also add the necessary exercises to strengthen the weak neck muscles to restore balance back to lớn the head.

However, in my opinion, it makes no difference what order you vì chưng these movements and that the Sequential Flow Method is based on fantasy.

They don’t discuss the science behind the ‘unravelling’ method or why it works, they expect the reader to lớn just trust them that it works.

Should You Buy the Forward Head Posture Fix

As I stated before, the only quality selling point that this program has over any other YouTube Clip or article on fixing forward head posture is the order (The Sequential Flow Method) that the exercises are performed.

If the order doesn’t matter, then this program has little advantage over any other piece of information that is already out there and available for không tính phí.

Personally, I don’t think the Sequential FlowMethod makes a difference.

Their other product,Unloông xã Your Hip Flexors also mentions the Sequential Flow Method as being fundamental to lớn seeing results in that program too.

I bởi feel that the Sequential FlowMethod is simply a kinh doanh angle to lớn make their programs seem special và entice people lớn buy them.

I also feel that they have missed a couple of other ideas that are essential to lớn fixingforward head posture.

For one fixingforward head posture usually means you have sầu khổng lồ address rounded shoulders as this postural dysfunction almost always accompanies forward head posture (known as Upper Crossed Syndrome).

They vị touch upon this idea & have sầu included one exercise that does target the shoulders, but more emphasis should have been placed on the importance of fixing rounded shoulders as well as rounding of the upper bachồng.

The other issue is that although they vì mention a lot on how giải pháp công nghệ và sitting are killing your posture, I don’t think they even mention that you should be looking lớn make lifestyle changes in addition khổng lồ performing the routines.

Such lifestyle changes include looking at your phone less, standing up more often and raising the height of your desktop screens etc.

Making these lifestyle changes is important because if you don’t fix the root cause of yourforward head posture (putting your head in a forward head posture), then the system will be of very little value for you.

That being said, the one glimmer of hope for the sản phẩm is that generally the exercises & stretches vì look like as if they are suitable for fixingforward head posture

The other factor that works in theForward Head Posture Fix favour is that the sản phẩm only costs $9.

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I believe sầu that if you spkết thúc an afternoon researchingforward head posture, the causes and how khổng lồ fix it, you will be able khổng lồ educate yourself sufficiently lớn put your own program together to lớn fixforward head posture.