Review: How I Fell In (Wander) Lust With Luna Play Plus


I’ve been asked about Foreo’s sonic cleansing devices more times than I can count, so I’m glad to lớn say I finally have the Foreo Luna Play Plus ($75 AUD) in my hot little hands!

I’ve been trying out the Foreo Luna Play Plus in my cleansing routine for the past few weeks. Unlike other vibration-based cleansing brushes, the Foreo tools use little silicone knobs. On the Luna Play Plus, the knobs come in two sizes: there are larger ones at the tip which are meant khổng lồ be used on the T-zone, and smaller ones around the rest of the tool that are meant for the rest of the face. The Foreo Luna Play Plus comes in 7 colours, and I have the fuchsia model.

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It’s much smaller than I expected, smaller than the palm of my hand, so it’s super purse-friendly và travel-friendly (the exact dimensions are 64 x 60 x 28 mm, & it weighs 60 g). But don’t let the small kích thước fool you – it’s very efficient at cleaning!

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To use the Foreo Luna Play Plus, you apply cleanser lớn your face, then turn it on (there’s a single power nguồn button on the reverse side). The tool has what Foreo has branded “T-Sonic pulsations”, which delivers 8000 pulses per minute. You glide the Foreo Luna Play Plus over your face in circular, outward motions for one minute (conveniently there’s a built-in one minute program). It’s recommended that you don’t use clay or silicone cleansers or scrubbing grains with it lớn avoid damaging the silicone, và that you don’t use it for more than 3 minutes at a time to lớn avoid irritation.


The silicone is non-porous, which means it doesn’t contain any holes that will stay moist & harbour bacteria. It dries quickly too, and it takes no time khổng lồ get cleanser residue off the knobs, unlike with cleansing brushes that usually need a bit of coaxing. It’s completely waterproof as well for peace of mind. The Foreo Luna Play Plus runs on a single AAA battery, which is meant to last for up khổng lồ 400 uses & 180 days standby.

Some people have mentioned in their review that they’ve noticed their skin being less clogged since using a Foreo tool. I haven’t really noticed any difference in my short trial period, but my skin has been nice và clear và unproblematic the whole time!

Pros of the Foreo Luna Play Plus


I think the main selling point for me is the fact that silicone doesn’t breed bacteria very well, even if you’re lazy lượt thích me và prefer to leave your cleansing tools in the shower! You also don’t need lớn replace the brush head, which can get expensive for other tools.


AAA Battery

While I generally prefer tools that are rechargeable for environmental reasons, the long-lasting battery (assuming it gets anywhere near 400 uses) means that disposable AAA batteries might actually kết thúc up less wasteful than a charger over the lifetime of the tool.


I was initially skeptical of the small size, và didn’t think something so small could clean well or quickly… but I was wrong! One minute feels lượt thích a really long time while using this tool since I feel lượt thích I’m done after 30 seconds. The small size makes it really easy to lớn store in the shower, và useful for taking along for overnight stays too.

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At $75 AUD, this is the most budget-friendly of the higher-end cleansing tools.

Cons of the Foreo Luna Play Plus

Doesn’t Feel like It’s Doing Much

Foreo have clinical data to show that it removes 99.5% of dirt và oil, và while I know this in my head, it doesn’t feel as scrubby as a cleansing brush, and you can’t see anything on the silicone, so it’s more difficult to believe (though all my double-checks afterwards with cotton pads have found that it’s clean, although I bởi vì use a cleansing oil first).

Weaker Physical Exfoliation

If you’re looking for physical exfoliation, this probably won’t be enough. I’d recommend a cleansing brush instead, or a peeling gel, or any of the other physical exfoliant options.

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I’m really enjoying the Foreo Luna Play Plus, and it’s probably the cleansing tool that fits best into my lazy-but-ambitious routine. It’s a nice way to lớn get a face massage in as well! If you like cleansing tools, you’re likely to like it too. If you’re not sure if you’ll like the silicone nubs, you can try out a manual silicone face washing pad first before going electronic.

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