Eveline extra soft whitening face & body cream

The innovative Whitening cream is effectively balancing the skin color. The formula brightens spots caused by age và by negative influence of sun rays while protecting the skin against the appearance of new changes. The complex selection of ingredients provides maximum moisturization, smoothing & refreshing of the skin. Cucumber extract - a rich source of vi-ta-min C & organic acids, provides the brigh-tening of areas with accumulated pigment. Soothes, mineralizes and revitalizes the skin. Avocado oil - nourishes & deeply regenerates. D-panthenol Allantoin - have soothing & anti-inflammatory properties, intensely moisturize. APPLICATION: apply every day khổng lồ the face & the whole body, khổng lồ make the skin soft & perfectly moisturized.

reduction of pigmentation spots và discolorationsimprovement and balancing of skin color24 hour moisturization và protectionrefreshment and calming of the skinfor every skin typeSize: 200ml

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Slim Extreme 4d Liposuction body Intensively Slimming & Remodelling Serum (8.8 fl.oz.)
Slim Extreme 4d Liposuction body Intensively Slimming & Remodelling Serum (8.8 fl.oz.)

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$ 7.99
DetailsEliminates Persistent Cellulite. Results are just a click away! The Eveline Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4 chiều Cosmetic Liposuction Professional Intensely Slimming & Remodeling Serum is an easy, fast, in trang chủ solution for hard to remove cellulite.Inhibits growth of fat tissue. Visibly reduces the lumps & dimples under the skin, working on cellular cấp độ to effectively overcome stubborn fat cells & cellulite.Lifts và firms the skin. Innovative ingredients energize the skin, improve blood circulation, tighten và firm the skin. Massaging the product into the skin helps with burning fatty deposits và purifies the skin.ApplicationMassage twice a day with circular movements into the problematic body areas.Additional Info

Brand: Eveline Cosmetics

Collection: Slim Extreme 4D

Skin Type: Normal

Form: Cream

Features: Cooling Formula

Barcode: 5901761939682