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Hey All,I am feeling super lazy today from the morning. I was just swatching some blushes and lip glosses, walking around the house lớn click pictures in different light settings :P without doing any other work. (Signs of a beauty blogger huh) Finally, after the swatch works got over, I washed my face lớn clear my skin. So after that when I opened my beauty case khổng lồ find a moisturizer, this cutie caught my eyes.Yes! It was sleeping there since I got this in my hand. No, I don"t mean that it is a not-so-good product but I didn"t use it much from when I got this.This lovely cookie blusher in Grapefruit Jelly shade from Etude House owns a đáng yêu name, packaging and shade. Go read my detailed đánh giá to know more on this product.

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What does the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Claims:
Liven Cheeks with Spring Color!Synergy between pearl sparkle & vivid colorSatiny powder for exceptional adhesivenessSoft, cushiony puff with bow trim
Price và Quantity:
$7.98 for 8.5gShade:Grapefruit

All Shades Available:
Strawberry MousseStrawberry ChouxRaspberry TartCarrot CheesecakeApricot PuddingGrapefruit JellyRose Sugar MacaronBlueberry PieSweetberry MuffinPeach Parfait(Oh my! I am loving all the shades names very much :D FYI, I am great foodie!)

My Experience with Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly:

This is one of the most cutest blushes I own! It comes in a round, soft pink plastic blush pan with a frosted semi transparent lid that shuts tightly. They have provided a cute white puff applicator with this blush & I love it the most. The puff is so soft và has a tiny pink bow on the top of it. Though it looks cute, it is not that useful when it comes to application of the blush. I would suggest a good chất lượng blush brush anytime.

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Colour, Texture & Pigmentation:
I have no clue why they have named this shade as Grapefruit Jelly but from my view, it looks as a nice matte pink shade which has a slight hint of coral (more on the paler side) with no glitters or shimmers. It is not that chalky but settles matte. This shade looks super natural và is averagely pigmented. & I forget lớn mention one thing; this blush is fragrance free!


How it works:
Though I loved this blush"s packaging, shade and etc, this is not MY shade. I have a dusky-dark skin & it washes me out :( Unlucky me. This shade grapefruit jelly, though looks natural is more on the paler side thus making it not so suitable for darker skin tones. The shade on the swatch is just untrue lớn how it looks on the pan. This blush gives a natural pink shade lớn fairer cheeks.(Just pink và nothing else) It doesn"t even show up on me & if I try to lớn over build, it washes me out! Even though it doesn"t suit me, I wore it a whole day to demo the staying power nguồn etc. This blush stays good for 5-6 hours (It doesn"t show up on me much so I am not sure about this part) and then fades away evenly. If you"re fair skinned, you can go for this blush. Those who own a pale trắng skin can use this blush khổng lồ give a beautiful natural pink flush khổng lồ their cheeks! Overall, I would say this is a good natural pink blush for the price. They provide a huge quantity too.

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Why I lượt thích this Blush?:

Natural pink shade for everyday wearNo shimmer or glitter present, thus making it suitable for day wearGlides softly onto the skin & settles into a lovely matte finishGood pigmentation and stays for 5-6 hoursLess fallout; this powder blush is smoothly milledThis blush has a decent staying powerOMG! This blush is such a cutie pie when it comes lớn packagingSuits fair lớn paler skin types very well to give that natural pink flushHuge quantity; hence lasts longerReasonable price

Why I didn"t like this Blush?:

I agree that the applicator puff is cute; but when it comes to lớn blushing, it is of no useThis shades washes out dusky-dark skin tonesThe shade on the pan và the shade on the cheeks looks entirely different! Makeup và Beauty trang chủ Rating:
3.5/5Do I Recommend?:I vị recommend this blush khổng lồ very fair skinned girls who would love to have that bit of natural flush on their cheeks. Và if you are a collector of xinh tươi looking makeup products, go grab it :DWould I Repurchase?: Nope. Not for me! This shade doesn"t suit my skin at all. I may try the other shades in future.

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