Customer Reviews: Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Plus

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Very light cream have not seen a big difference in my appearance but do lượt thích the silky-smoothness of this sản phẩm my hóa trang goes on smoothly over this hàng hóa

SO far I like this product. I use it every night and morning as part of my routine. It has not made me break out at all and smells great. I have a 3 year old who hates sleeping so I hope it helps with the puffy eyes và dark circles that are popping up!

Estee Lauder has always come through for me và this creme is wonderful. I put it on in the morning before my makeup và it provides a nice base to lớn work from. I love it.

I have very sensitive skin, và have few moisturizers that don"t make me break out. But this has been amazing on my skin, no break outs. I also love the smell.

I applied it over a few products I wear at night và as I applied it, it got kind of crumbly. I found that so weird. I wasn"t sure if it was because of the other products, but I passed it on to a family member.

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I lượt thích this creme. The scent is a bit much for me but I feel I can overlook that because how supple và soft it makes my skin feel. I might have lớn buy this one when I use up the sample.

I was happy khổng lồ try this, as I am trying to lớn find a moisturizer that works on my always dry, aging skin. Everything that used lớn work has begun to lớn irritate my skin so this was a great opportunity to try something new. Unfortunately this didn"t quite vày it. It was moderately moisturizing but didn"t smooth my skin and in fact some small bumps appeared. My skin is very picky & sensitive so on with the search.

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