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Essence Soft touch Mousse Make-Up ($4.99) is a lightweight, creamy mousse foundation that’s available in six shades selections with a whipped, fluffy consistency lượt thích a souffle!

These foundations are typically best suited to oily skin with visible pores as they vày an excellent job mattifying skin và concealing pores. I’m drawn lớn them because I love their texture & I’m also trying to lớn recreate the effect of Bourjois Paris Mineral Matte Foundation which I did so love with all my heart.

Essence Soft touch Mousse Make-Up comes in a 0.56 oz little glass jar that will travel và store well. It’s small, it’s cute, yet it holds quite a bit of sản phẩm for its inexpensive five buck price tag.

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This formula is divine! It’s a fluffy whipped up consistency that glides across skin beautifully và pretty much hides any và all imperfections while brightening and creating a smooth, matte finish on skin. Sadly, I can’t use it at the moment! It might be best suited for me in the Summer when my skin is producing a bit more oily as it does tend khổng lồ cling on drier areas. At first application the finish is very, very smooth but as the day progresses it seems lớn break down and starts clinging to lớn the drier areas on my cheeks. So yeah, this one is for the oily skin users out there. Mine is being stored away until the warm weather hits! You vị have to lớn be really, really be careful during the application process as it tends to lớn look lượt thích I have ten pounds of makeup on my face if I’m heavier handed with application. I recommend a soft, fluffy brush perhaps a fiber one that will blend and sheer out the hàng hóa so it looks more natural. If you spend some extra time & attention on priming và you use the right brush to apply you can get a very, very good finish on dry skin. The coverage is very good as the foundation is quite pigmented so I’d say you can get medium coverage easily from this or sheer it out for a more natural look. It wears a solid seven hours on my drier skin before fading as I reach hour eight. As seen below Shade 1, Sand.



If you lượt thích fluffy, whipped up foundations you’re bound to lớn love this one. But dry skin users beware as this has a very matte finish! Those with oily skin will likely love it or those in need of extra coverage will love how well this conceals & covers.

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Essence is now available at Target so look for Soft cảm ứng Mousse Make-Up at select Target stores or online at

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