Dầu Dừa Thành Vinh Review

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Pure coconut oil produced by Luong Quoi company which is one of the Vietnamese businesses achieving the USDA & EU certification of organic products. Coconut oil is suitable for all ages, vegetarians, people with cardiovascular disease.

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Pure coconut oil Luong Quoi can substitute for other edible oils as an ingredient to lớn make margarine, solidified fat, etc. This hàng hóa has a quality aroma và a light yellow color. Also, it is difficult to lớn oxidize, retain the flavor & chất lượng of the product after processing.

Price: 68.000 VND

Various benefits of pure coconut oil

Help lớn against cancer

Coconut oil contains various precious medical ingredients such as Vi-Ta-Min E, phytosterol, phenol which can prevent cancer growth.

Moreover, Vi-Ta-Min E in coconut oil contains tocotrienol which is useful 50 times as much as other usual vitamins for antioxidants.

Help for weight loss process naturally

Coconut oil Vietcoco is an “amazing medicine” for those having a weight loss diet without worrying about harmful effects. The substances contained in coconut oil stimulates the burning fat process slowly

Enhance the immune system

Coconut oil contains lauric acid with antimicrobial, antifungal properties and creates an adverse environment for the vi khuẩn. This helps prevent many diseases due khổng lồ the overgrowth of bad bacteria, fungi, viruses & parasites in the body toàn thân.

Support for treatment of dermatological diseases

Coconut oil is an essential solution for all types of the skin helping to lớn improve và treat many skin diseases (such as eczema, dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis ...).

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Production process: Luong Quoi Limited company has invested in developing organic coconut process meeting strict international standards. They have also achieved a control union of Dutch certification that is essential for health và vitality.


Manufacturing facility: Ben Tre Province Viet Nam

Pure coconut oil ’s Storage

Store coconut oil in a cool, dry place with ambient temperature.

Notice: when the temperature is below 26 degrees Celsius, coconut oil will solidify. At a higher temperature, it will return to lớn normal conditions. This will not affect the unique of coconut oil.

Expiry date: 24 months

What are the dishes made from pure coconut oil?

Used for processing foods, frying, baking, mixing salad, making the sauce.Used lớn replace other cooking oils.

Mixture salad

Using the coconut oil mixed with vegetables, garlic, tomakhổng lồ, etc, can elevate the taste of the salad.

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Supplier information

Vietcoteo is a brand of the coconut oil ’s manufacturer Luong Quoi, which achieve sầu the certification and awards from associations: HACCP.., GMP, HALAL, KOSHER, ORGANIC (USDA, EU) and gradually become the import-export business.