Today I will be reviewing a hàng hóa that I have bought alotof... A LOT. I"ve been using this cream for over 3 years now. As you can see from the picture above, I"ve gone through multiple tubs of this cream! I actually use to have more tubs, but I lượt thích to re-purpose them & fill them with other products as well.

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I"m a huge tín đồ of COSRX products. I really lượt thích that they"re affordable while also actually showing results. I"ve tried many of their products và I"m sure I will continue khổng lồ keep using them.
~I"m also a HUGE tín đồ of their pimple patcheswhich I"ve written a nhận xét for! Click on the links to go see it!~
Everyone has the occasional pimple, I don"t think ever met a person who"s never had at least 1 pimple in their life. However, we all need a way to lớn help diminish these pesky red blotches! This Centella Blemish Cream by COSRX is a fast-acting spot treatment cream. It"s suppose khổng lồ help calm and reduce acne scars/spots while also treating sensitive stressed-out skin. This is a non-oily cream that provides some hydration & creates a protective barrier for the skin in order for the all-natural active ingredients to clear và soothe the skin from blemishes.
It contains 7% zinc oxide and 50.79% all-natural centella asiatica leaf water to lớn help with the healing of blemishes and breakouts with its calming and soothing effects.
This is a multi-tasking cream that penetrates deeply into the skin khổng lồ clear pores of impurities, control oil production, và reduce the appearance of scarring. It prevents further breakouts & retains moisture without adding unwanted shine.
Selected natural ingredients: only a select few plants effective at calm acne and heal blemishes lượt thích centella asiatica and viola yedoensis extract are used.

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Mild treatment cream: immediately create a skin protective coating & deliver active ingredients effectively without irritation.Concentrated scar treatment: creamy textured product hydrate skin without oil & treat acne without causing post acne mark.Pure và clear: work directly on acne leaving skin well balanced and get flawless skin.
Help lớn reduce breakouts, pimples, and scarsPromote collagen synthesis khổng lồ increase pore elasticity and reduce pore sizePrevent pollutant khổng lồ penetrate, heal wounds, & promotes blood circulationUseful for stressed skinHas anti-inflammatory effectsTraditionally used in skin disorders, wound healing, and skin rash

Here"s an up-close look at the cream. It is white and creamy. I wouldn"t say it"s a really thick cream, it"s light and smooth.
Fragrance: I know some people say it"s fragrance-free, but I honestly feel like there is a scent. It"s a herbal-y scent. Some people may lượt thích it & some may hate it. I"m fine with the smell, it goes away really fast either way so it isn"t a big giảm giá to me. However, if scent is a big deal to you, just know that the scent is light (not heavy at all) & again, it goes away fast.

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White-cast: There is a bit of a white-cast when applying this cream. I usually am able to see light trắng streaks from my finger rubbing the cream in. It"s probably due lớn the zinc oxide that causes that slight white-cast (similar to lớn sunscreen).