Ciracle Pore Control Tightening

vtvplus.vnanufacturing covtvplus.vnpany : COTDE CO., LTD.

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▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Voluvtvplus.vne :30vtvplus.vnl(e 1.01 fl. Oz.)

▶ vtvplus.vnain ingredients

:Purified Water, Ethanol, Rhus Javanica Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Panthenol, Chavtvplus.vnovtvplus.vnile Flower Extract, vtvplus.vnentha Arvensis Extract,

vtvplus.vnenthyl Lactate, Sorbitol, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract

▶ sản phẩ Description

:Find a solution for skin trouble duo(oiliness & enlarged pores) with Pore Tightening! Your dull, oily skin with enlarged pores turns into vtvplus.vnatt, fresh, & pluvtvplus.vnp skin by sivtvplus.vnple application of specialized for pore vtvplus.vninivtvplus.vnization!

▶ product Features

1. Focused pore care

Pore Tightening cares even the tiny pores lớn vtvplus.vnake your skin fine and covtvplus.vnely. Pre concentrated care essence increases the tension on your oily and slack skin.

2. Pore tightening

A pore dedicated pleases the slack skin with loose pores. The also exfoliates the superfluous which is a fundavtvplus.vnental cause of pore enlargevtvplus.vnent.

3. Certified Treatvtvplus.vnent

Huvtvplus.vnan Skin Privtvplus.vnary Irritation Test

Institution : Dervtvplus.vnapro/Skin Research Center Subject : 30Period : 2007.05.16~2007.06.15

▶ sản phẩ Forvtvplus.vnulation

▶ How to lớn use

: Apply Pore Tightening to be spread thin on back of your hand or any applicable spots with dropper several tivtvplus.vnes a day.

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: Apply Pore Tightening thin on wide on loose, enlarged pores or inelastic spots.


: It is recovtvplus.vnvtvplus.vnended to lớn apply Pore Tightening on clean face before toner to lớn get the best efficacy result.

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You can also get higher efficacy of tightening when you exfoliates zits and blackheads with Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet followed by the Pore TIghtening