Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser review


Growing up, hormonal acne was my biggest skincare battle. But at my current age, the main issue I have isn’t just a pimple here & there. It’s more to dullness and dryness, which makes the solution harder to lớn find.

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Cetaphil’s one of the more well-known brands in the skincare scene, and they recently approached us with a sản phẩm that has been a cult favourite in the beauty community for years.

The Gentle Skin Cleanser (GSC) has been raved about by many influencers và dermatologists, & as I’d never really given any of their products a try, I thought why not kiểm tra it out for myself. I switched out all my holy grail skincare products that I use on a regular basis và incorporated this cleanser into my daily regimen to lớn see if it’s worth its hype.

Week One

I don’t have very problematic skin, so by the end of the first week, there wasn’t anything particularly mind-blowing happening visibly on my face.

I wasn’t breaking out, which is already a good sign, but I wasn’t also feeling much of a difference in terms of texture.

You don’t need to lớn dispense a lot, a small amount like this is enough.

I bởi vì want to comment on the cleanser’s consistency. It has an interesting lotion-like texture that made it nice lớn massage all over my face. The cleanser doesn’t really lather or foam up, which left my skin feeling moisturised even after washing it off & there was no tight feeling on the skin after using the product.

My skin type is also usually very sensitive to fragrance or any particularly harsh chemicals, so the fact that after a week of using this cleanser & I was acne-free showed that it didn’t have any fragrance or soap elements to lớn it.

FYI: Added fragrance or soap can dry up skin và speed up fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging. Thank me later, ladies.

Week Two

I’m quite a fan hâm mộ of the double cleaning method when doing my skincare routine. But by week two, I found that I didn’t necessarily need to lớn use so many other products and instead just focus on using the GSC.

The cleanser did a great job in cleaning my face without leaving any residual impurities on my face.

I also brought this cleanser to a family trip in Melaka where my sister (who has eczema) tried it out to lớn see if she would sense any difference.

She commented about how the texture of the cleanser was non-irritating, which probably had to bởi vì with its pH balanced property. Perhaps that could be the main reason why most dermatologists recommend it lớn people with more problematic skin.

Nonetheless, it was interesting lớn see how the cleanser reacts to different skin types.

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Week Three

My fellow ladies who wear makeup can probably relate to those days when you accidentally fall asleep with makeup on.

It’s a horrible thing to bởi vì to your skin & not recommended at all. But sometimes you just have those late nights from work or socialising with friends until all you can think about is your bed.

Well, that happened lớn me during week three. The next morning, I was still pretty lazy that I decided lớn try using the cleanser on its own without water khổng lồ wash my face.

Residue from one of my long-lasting lipsticks.

I was pleasantly surprised to lớn see that the GSC had removed some of the residual makeup I still had on without really irritating my skin in any way. Not khổng lồ say that this could become your new favourite makeup remover, but the fact that it can even vị so is a plus point for me.

Week Four

As I approach day 30 of using the GSC, I have to lớn say I’m quite pleased with it.

Since I don’t really have problematic skin to lớn begin with, I would classify my skin as pretty normal. I lack any amazing transformation photos to lớn show because honestly, my skin looks the same to the naked eye.

But what’s left me impressed is how my skin feels better.

My skin feels more moisturised throughout the day & the cleanser also helped to lớn reduce the usual natural oils on my face by a little.

Quite a clear difference.

I think that’s what makes the GSC a sought after product for many. It compliments a lot of people who are looking for simple và easy products to incorporate into their daily routine, regardless of their skin type.

I was amazed that this product worked just fine for normal skin type users too since there’s this misconception out there that it’s specifically for troubled skin.

My skin condition after a full month of using Cetaphil GSC.

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At the kết thúc of the day, the cleanser gave me what I was looking for—healthier skin. After a month, I enjoyed how my skin was left feeling less greasy most days and it’s always nice khổng lồ find new products that work well in keeping my skin soft và moist.

Once I go back to lớn my usual skincare routine, there’s a high chance I’ll create a spot in my holy grail skin regimen that I can see the GSC fitting in just nicely!