Catrice Hd Liquid Coverage Foundation

Today, we are talking about a very popular drugstore foundation! Now available in 23 shades, Catrice"s HD Liquid Coverage Foundation provides high coverage and a natural looking finish. In addition, this lightweight foundation mattifies the skin and is said lớn last up to 24 hours!(Vous parlez français? Cliquez ici!)

Formula-wise, this is a very thin foundation. It dries quite fast, although I don"t have sầu any issue when I apply it with a Beautyblender.It doesn"t leave sầu an oily or sticky film on the skin, in fact it feels very lightweight!The coverage is impressive sầu for such a thin formula, I would say it"s medium coverage with one layer và full coverage with two.I always only apply one layer though, and add a bit of concealer where I need it, because I find that it can look cakey with two layers.

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The finish is matte, but much to lớn my surprise it doesn"t accentuate dry patches too much. I bởi recommend to apply the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation with a damp Beautyblender though, as applying it with my fingertips didn"t give sầu me the best results.My skin is oily but dehydrated, so I prefer to lớn apply it over an hydrating or smoothing primer. I"ve tried it with these 3 primers & had great results: NARS" Smooth & Protect Primer
, Laura Mercier"s new Pure Canvas Hydrating Primer & Urban Decay"s new All Nighter Face Primer.I tried it with Make Up For Ever"s Step 1 Mattifying Primer too and it made the foundation look a bit more dry and cakey, although it was barely noticeable from a normal viewing distance. With that being said, I would only use a mattifying primer with this foundation if your skin is very oily.

When I phối this foundation with a light dusting of loose powder & a makeup setting spray, it lasts at least 12 hours without breaking down! As for the mattifying properties, it stays completely matte for about 2 hours on my oily skin. The finish is dewier after that period of time, but I only need khổng lồ powder my nose and forehead after 3½ hours. Just a word of caution if your skin is sensitive to fragrance though; this foundation is strongly scented. My skin is sensitive sầu and so far it doesn"t seem lớn trigger my eczema, but I wish it was unscented.Overall this is a surprisingly good foundation, especially for normal to lớn oily skin types! And for a price that doesn"t hurt your ngân hàng account? Yes please!

002 Porcelain Beige
is slightly lighter than NC15 và has peachy pink undertones.005 Ivory Beige is similar to lớn NC15 và has peach undertones.008 Fair Beige is darker than NC15 (but lighter than NC20) và has peach undertones.010 Light Beige is darker than NW15 (but lighter than NW20) and has beige, slightly grey undertones.0đôi mươi Rose Beige is similar lớn NW25 và has pink undertones.030 S& Beige is slightly darker than NWtrăng tròn and has neutral, slightly pink undertones.

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032 Nude Beige is a bit darker than NW25 and has neutral beige undertones.

034 Medium Beige
is slightly darker than NW25 và has peach undertones.035 Natural Beige is a bit darker than NC30 và has neutral gold undertones.036 Hazelnut Beige is similar lớn NC30 & has neutral gold undertones.040 Warm Beige is similar khổng lồ NW35 và has pinky beige undertones.046 Camel Beige is darker than NW35 (but lighter than NW40) và has pink undertones.060 Latte Macchialớn Beige is similar khổng lồ NW42 & has pink undertones.

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065 Bronze Beige is similar khổng lồ NW42 & has peach, slightly pink undertones.
The Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation retails for $13.99 CAD for 30ml và is available at Ulta
Shoppers Drug Mart.(I received these products in order lớn evaluate them & give sầu my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest và impartial. This post contains affiliate liên kết.)