The Canon EOS 5D Mark II was quite possibly Canon"s most highly anticipated Digital SLR ever, & the scramble khổng lồ get in a preorder line insured that very few 5D IIs would be found in stock any time near their first availability date in early December 2008.

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The original Canon EOS 5D was Canon"s first non-1-Series full frame body.The 5D was affordable, was relatively small và light, và three years since it was introduced,still delivers image chất lượng that rivals or surpasses many current (Jan 2009) DSLR models.It was a huge success in the industry.

Prior lớn at least the last three major pre-5D II Canon DSLR announcements (typically two per year), rumors were flying about the 5D"s anticipated replacement.As each announcement passed, I was even more sure the next one would include a 5D replacement - I bought a 5D a year prior lớn the 5D II"s announcement to lớn be ready to make direct comparisons.And finally, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has arrived.

And Canon has not let our anticipation down.From my perspective, the 5D II"s big news is the increased resolution - matching the 1Ds III"s 21.1 megapixel number.

ModelFOVCFSensorPixel SizePixels/MegapixelsViewfinderDLA*
Canon EOS M1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel SL1 / 100D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.87x95%f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.85x95%f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel T4i / 650D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.85x95%f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel T3i / 600D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.85x95%f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.87x95%f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel T1i / 500D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.7µm4752x316815.1.87x95%f/7.5
Canon EOS Rebel T5 / 1200D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.80x95%f/6.8
Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D1.6x22.2x14.7mm5.2µm4272x284812.0.80x95%f/8.3
Canon EOS 70D1.6x22.5x15.0mm4.1µm5472x364820.2.95x98%f/6.6
Canon EOS 60D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.0.95x96%f/6.9
Canon EOS 50D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.7µm4752x316815.1.95x95%f/7.5
Canon EOS 40D1.6x22.2x14.8mm5.7µm3888x259210.1.95x95%f/9.1
Canon EOS 30D1.6x22.5x15.0mm6.4µm3504x23368.2.90x95%f/10.2
Canon EOS 7D1.6x22.3x14.9mm4.3µm5184x345618.01.0x100%f/6.9
Canon EOS 6D1.0x35.8x23.9mm6.54µm5472x364820.2.71x97%f/10.5
Canon EOS 5D Mark III1.0x36.0 x 24.0mm6.25µm5760x384022.3.71x100%f/10.1
Canon EOS 5D Mark II1.0x35.8 x 23.9mm6.4µm5616x374421.1.71x98%f/10.2
Canon EOS 5D1.0x35.8x23.9mm8.2µm4368x291212.8.71x96%f/13.2
Canon EOS-1D X1.0x36.0x24.0mm6.9µm5184x345618.1.76x100%f/11.0
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV1.3x27.9x18.6mm5.7µm4896x326416.1.76x100%f/9.1
Canon EOS-1D Mark III1.3x28.1x18.7mm7.2µm3888x259210.1.76x100%f/11.5
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N1.3x28.7x19.1mm8.2µm3520x23368.2.72x100%f/13.2
Canon EOS-1D Mark II1.3x28.7x19.1mm8.2µm3520x23368.2.72x100%f/13.2
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III1.0x36.0x24.0mm6.4µm5616x374421.1.76x100%f/10.2
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II1.0x36.0x24.0mm7.2µm4992x332816.6.70x100%f/11.5

In a Canon EOS 5D II vs. 1Ds Mark III Comparison(use the ISO12233 tool"s mouseover feature), we see that these two bodies have identical resolution và sharpness - both excellent.The 5D II image appears slightly larger in this comparison, but this is due lớn the rear LCD showing 100% coverage compared lớn the 1Ds III"s slightly clipped LCD image review.The 1Ds III has a 16 pixel horizontal resolution advantage, but does not show about 35 left and right edge pixels on the LCD when reviewing the image.Thus, the 1Ds III image gets framed slightly wider which makes the details in the image slightly smaller.So, in real life, there is no discernable difference.

I have had the privilege of using a pair of 1Ds Mark III bodies since they became available & can tell you that the level of detail present in a sharp 21.1 mp image is simply awesome.The ability to lớn crop multiple images out of one is just one advantage that comes with this resolution.A 24x36" 21.1 mp print looks amazing.And, as you"ll see below, the 5D II does not give anything up to the 1Ds III in pixel level quality.The big story in this comparison is that I paid $8,000 for my first 1Ds III - you can buy nearly 3 EOS 5D IIs for the same price - và each will deliver image unique that is similar.

Following are two extensive 100% crop comparisons between the 5D II and several other Canon EOS camera bodies.If you have read any of the site"s other recent Canon EOS DSLR camera reviews, you will recognize thefollowing màu sắc block chạy thử that clearly shows & compares sensor noise.

Click on the màu sắc block image below to view the image quality comparisons.This comparison was previously featured on this page, but has been moved to its own page to avoid (especially for thiết bị di động users) the large file tải về required.

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If you read the image chất lượng discussion on that page, you can skip down to lớn the file kích thước table.

Noise is a very hard characteristic to lớn compare and to put a number on.It has size, shape, quantity, brightness, màu sắc ... & noise reduction can be done at any point in the image processing pipeline.Applying noise reduction reduces the amount of noise in an image - usually at the cost of image sharpness/details.As I"ve said before, my personal preference is for the camera khổng lồ allow me to choose the amount of noise reduction applied during post processing of RAW images.I usually opt for no NR until ISO 1600 or so and then select a low NR setting until the highest ISO settings are reached.

I"ve spent way too many hours looking at these comparisons, but here are some of my observations.

Since I"ve already made comparisons lớn the 1Ds Mark III, I"ll continue comparing the 5D II image quality against this body.I"ve already established that these two bodies have similar resolution và sharpness - at ISO 100.In the màu sắc chart comparison, the 5D II shows a small advantage over the 1Ds III in the noise category.In the fabric example (from same shots as the màu sắc chart), ISO 400 & 800 appear identical between these two bodies.At ISO 1600 & 3200, the 5D II samples appear sharper - but also appear noisier.A small amount of noise reduction added lớn the 5D II images would probably equalize this difference.Obvious in this comparison are the three additional stops of high ISO settings available in the 5D II.For my taste, the last two ISO settings (12800 và 25600) are for emergency use only.ISO 6400? I"ll avoid it, but it is usable - especially if the resulting image is downsized.

Comparing two cameras with different resolutions is not easy.And there are many ways to make the comparison.Thus, I have provided samples from the native resolution of the Canon EOS 5D và the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIas well as samples from both resized lớn the other body"s resolution.Even the method of resizing and the amount of sharpening applied can affect the results.So, in this case, I simply used Canon"s standard - Digital Photo Pro - for creating these samples.

For my eyes, the 5D II delivers obviously more resolution and/or less noise.At their native resolutions, noise results from both cameras are very similar with the 5D having slightly less noise at ISO 3200. The 5D II shows much more detail in the fabric.Up-size the 5D images to lớn the 5D II dimensions - noise characteristics are enlarged và sharpness suffers.Detail is not magically created by this process.Down-size the 5D II images khổng lồ the 5D dimensions và the comparison is closer.The biggest 5D II advantage in this comparison is lower noise levels.Thus, even if the 12.8 mp images from the 5D are large enough for your purposes, the 5D II is still going khổng lồ deliver better image quality at this final image kích thước - especially at high ISO settings.I think 5D owners will be especially happy with the increased 5D II resolution.I"ll địa chỉ that in-camera high ISO noise reductions can now be applied lớn 5D II JPG images và of course RAW images can be tweaked as desired during post processing.

The comparison samples clearly show the 5D II as a significant tăng cấp in image unique from the 50D (the advantage is not lost in the price of course).The 5D II"s images are noticeably sharper & show more detail.The 5D II has noticeably lower noise levels - and the 50D"s ISO 12800 makes the 5D II"s ISO 12800 look good.

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As made obvious by the above comparisons, the 5D Mark II includes two sRAW (small RAW) formats.The primary reason to use these is lớn get reduced file size while retaining RAW post-processing options.The original, moderately detailed RAW images for the above samples vary greatly in kích cỡ among camera bodies & the 5D benefits in this regard in that it is not storing 14-bit data (a 5D image chất lượng disadvantage).