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Canon EF 24-70milimet f/2.8 USM L II - Full Format đánh giá / Test Report
Lens Đánh Giá - Canon EOS (Full Format)

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reviews by Klaus Schroiff, published September 2012IntroductionThe Canon EF 24-70milimet f/2.8 USM L (I) was a bit of a nightmare for us here at We experienced centering defects in several tested samples và up to lớn a degree where we almost considered it khổng lồ be enough. Now the new Canon EF 24-70milimet f/2.8 USM L II has entered the market and according to lớn the Canon press release things look a little more promising in this respect: "The mechanical structure of the lens has been improved to offer enhanced zoom durability và greater shake và shock resistance within the lens barrel". Good và I can positively report that the tested sample had a decent centering quality this time.The Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 USM L II is certainly one of the more mainstream professional grade lensesin the Canon line up và it surely continues the sales success story of its predecessor. On full format DSLRs it"s a fast standard zoom lens covering everything from moderate ultra-wide angles up khổng lồ short tele settings. Unfortunately Canon felt the need to lớn increase the price substantially with a current street price beyond 2100EUR. As such it is the most expensive sầu standard zoom lens amuốn the conventional DSLR manufacturers.
The build unique of this lens is exceptional thanks khổng lồ a tightly assembled combination of metal và - mostly - high chất lượng plastic parts. Both zoom and focus ring operate smoothly. The lens is designed khổng lồ survive sầu in harsh conditions due to sealings against dust & moisture. The weight has been substantially reduced from 950g to lớn now 805g and it"s also 10milimet shorter than its predecessor.The zoom mechanism has also been changed. It has no longer a "reverse" characteristic so the lens is shorthử nghiệm at 24mm và extends towards 70mm. While I prefer this approach from a handling perspective, the petal-shaped lens hood is now much smaller thus less efficient. The front element does not rotate, of course.
The lens has an internal focusing system driven by a ring-type USM drive sầu offering extremely fast và near-silent AF operations. Typical for modern ring-type USM lenses, full-time manual focusing remains possible in one-shot AF mode.Here’s how its specs compare against its direct predecessor và its more serious rival - the Tamron AF SPhường 24-70mm f/2.8 Di USD VC.
Canon EF 24-70milimet f/2.8 USM LCanon EF 24-70milimet f/2.8 USM L IITamron AF SPhường 24-70mm f/2.8 Di USD VC
Special Elements2x aspherical, 1x UD3x aspherical, 2x UD, 1x SUD 3x aspherical, 3x LD, 2xXR
Image Stabilizer Efficiencynonenone4 f-stops
Aperture blades8 (circular)9 (circular)9 (circular)
Min. focus (magnification)0.39m (1:3.4)0.38m (1:4.75)0.38m (1:5)
AF motorultrasonic with FTMultrasonic with FTMultrasonic with FTM
Filter size77mm82mm82mm
water/dust protectionyesyesyes
approx. Price (EUR)discontinued~2150€~1000€

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