While the Raycon E25 nail most of the basics like a good connection & compatibility with AAC, the asking price is too much. I wouldn't say that $79 for a pair of true wireless earbuds is unreasonably expensive, but for that price I wouldn't want a hàng hóa that sounds terrible. If you can get these on a significant sale then why not, but they're not worth the full retail price.
While the Raycon E25 nail most of the basics lượt thích a good connection và compatibility with AAC, the asking price is too much. I wouldn't say that $79 for a pair of true wireless earbuds is unreasonably expensive, but for that price I wouldn't want a sản phẩm that sounds terrible. If you can get these on a significant sale then why not, but they're not worth the full retail price.
If you’ve listened to lớn a podcast or watched a YouTube đoạn phim in the last year, you’ve likely heard of the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds. Raycon is a new audio company started by Ray-J & it’s taking a page from Beats’ sale playbook. You can find any number of celebrities and influencers swearing by Raycon products, especially the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds. Let’s find out if there’s anything behind the hype.

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Editor’s note: this review was updated on April 21, 2021 to add in updated sound quality measurements, as well as update the microphone score khổng lồ reflect our readers’ assessment.

Who are the Raycon E25 Earbuds for?

People looking for exercise earbuds will benefit from the IPX4 sweat-resistance, good connection, và solid fit.Anyone who likes terribly overblown bass may be one of a few who enjoy this unclear, bass-dominated sound signature. Music sounds terrible with these earbuds, but hey, someone out there might like it.


Using the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds is straightforward; everything about the buds works as advertised. The charging case is one of the smallest I’ve ever used—even smaller than the original AirPods. The soft plastic finish feels nice, but it’s also very slippery. Thankfully, the magnets inside the case keep the earbuds in place. Opening up the lid isn’t difficult, but you’re going to lớn need two hands to vị it. Once the case is opened, the earbuds automatically power nguồn on, and quickly connect khổng lồ the last-paired device.


The earbuds are minuscule & fit comfortably in my ears. The default ear tips are a little loose for me, but the included larger ones achieve a comfortable fit (Raycon includes four extra pairs of tips), at least while working at my desk. The Raycon E25 still have fit issues when I’m running, which slowly jostles them out of position—especially when I start sweating.


Both earbuds are made of a glossy plastic and look cheap. They also don’t have touch-controls; instead, each earbud has a button for playback controls. This was one of my biggest issues with the Raycon E25 earbuds: anytime I pushed either button, I was met with an uncomfortable suction sensation. In the middle of a run, you have lớn smash the button repeatedly just to raise or lower volume, which is painful. The buttons themselves also feel pretty cheap, và wobble a little with every touch. Here is a full list of the playback controls:

Are the Raycon E25 waterproof?

The Raycon E25 are water & sweat-resistant thanks lớn an IPX4 certification, but they’re not waterproof. You can learn all about IP ratings by reading our full explainer. All you really need khổng lồ know is that these earbuds are fine for a quick run or workout, but you definitely shouldn’t go swimming with them.


The Raycon E25 rock bluetooth không dây 5.0, và maintain a reliable connection with just a few self-resolving skips & hiccups every now and then. As far as bluetooth không dây codecs go the Raycon E25 are lượt thích most other true wireless earphones và only support SBC & AAC. If you’re unfamiliar, check out our full explainer on công nghệ bluetooth không dây codecs.


Represented is the max transfer rate (kbps) of each respective công nghệ bluetooth codec (greater is better). Each waveform depicts a transfer rate of 100 kbps.
The default codec used by all bluetooth audio devices is SBC, while AAC uses a different method of compressing information. Both iOS và Android devices are compatible with SBC và AAC, but our testing showed that AAC doesn’t always play as well on Android. However, I used these with my px 4a and never had issues with latency while watching videos on YouTube.

How vì chưng you connect to lớn the Raycon E25?

To connect to lớn the Raycon E25 earbuds all you need to vị is mở cửa the case. When you mở cửa the lid, the earbuds automatically turn on and enter pairing mode. You’ll be able to tell by the small LED light on each earbud, which quickly alternates between blue và red while in pairing mode.

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Do the Raycon E25 support Bluetooth multipoint?

Unfortunately, the Raycon E25 does not support Bluetooth multipoint. In other words, you can only connect the earbuds khổng lồ one device at a time and must manually switch between source devices. If you want lớn reset the earbuds to pair to a new device, here’s how:

Power off earbuds by taking them out of the case and holding down the buttons for five seconds.Go into bluetooth không dây settings of your device, & delete the Raycon E25 from the paired devices list.Hold down both buttons on the earbuds for 30 seconds.Place them back in the charging case.When you take them out again, they’ll automatically enter pairing mode.
The Raycon E25 charge via microUSB which is just wild for a pair of fairly recent headphones that cost $79.
Raycon claims that the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds will last you six hours of constant playback, & in our testing we got a little less than that at 5 hours & 44 minutes. We subject every pair of headphones khổng lồ the same objective test, which is lớn play music at a constant output đầu ra of 75dB until the headphones die out. While six hours ( or little less) isn’t the best we’ve tested, it’s more than enough to accommodate people through an average workout if not the average workday.

The charging case should also give you another three full charges totaling for about 24 hours of listening time.

Unfortunately, there are two major downsides here. First, these charge via microUSB, which is unacceptable given the price và recency of this product. Second, the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds lack any kind of fast charging feature. Lớn fully charge the earbuds in the case you’ll need an hour, while the case itself usually takes 2-3 hours lớn charge completely.

How vị you know when they are charged?

The charging case has a small LED ring on the inside of the case that lets you know when the case is charged to capacity. When charging the case the lights will blink red, then once it is fully charged, the light will change khổng lồ a solid red. It’s a little different with the earbuds which have their own LEDs as well. The earbuds will remain solid red while charging, and change to blue once the earbuds have been completely charged.

Do they have wireless charging?

No, the Raycon E25 case does not support wireless charging. If you want to lớn charge the case your only option is a microUSB charging cable.

Do the Raycon E25 earbuds have noise cancelling?

No, they vị not have any kind of active noise cancelling technology. The Raycon E25 earbuds have a built-in microphone for phone calls but not for noise cancelling. It would be extremely hard khổng lồ stuff in the necessary công nghệ in a pair of earbuds this small. Not lớn mention that doing noise cancelling correctly is no easy feat, and there are plenty of companies with much more experience and money than Raycon that still haven’t nailed it.

Yes, the Raycon E25 earbuds have a built-in microphone. While you won’t get a perfectly neutral reproduction of your voice (which is visualized in the graph by the dotted red line), it does a decent job. Most people won’t have to lớn worry about using these for phone calls.

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There is an extra emphasis on notes in the 300-1000Hz range to make you sound louder khổng lồ the person on the other end, & it even does an okay job at reproducing sounds between 100-300HZ as well capturing some of the lower notes in your voice. Below 100Hz there is a sharp drop in the response likely lớn counteract the proximity effect. While helpful in that instance, this also means that the lower notes in your voice won’t come across as loud as they should.