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I’ve recently received 20+ fragrance samples for the new year, so expect a ton of nhận xét coming your way over the next few weeks or so. One such scent is a cologne from Bvlgari, Man in Black. I take it that this is a flanker scent to lớn Bvlgari Man, which I enjoyed, but was far too weak in terms of longevity.

I got a hold of Man in black hoping that it would be better than Man in that aspect but also actually live up to its name and be a darker kind of fragrance. So many colognes take on the ‘Black’ moniker and don’t really match up to the imagery…cough cough Black XS. In this post, I want lớn give my full impressions of this Bvlgari offering & determine whether or not it is worth a buy.


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What Does Man in black Smell Like?


Notes include: rum, spices, leather, iris, tuberose, guaiac wood, tonka bean, tobacco

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My Full Review

The opening of Man in đen is a blend of spice và rum that carries a certain masculine intensity lớn it. I am also reminded a bit of Halston’s Man Amber cologne và Spicebomb, as both have a very similar profile of ingredients.

I’m not a big tín đồ of either of those scents, but Man in black has both of them beat, in my opinion. The spiciness doesn’t go too overboard và seems khổng lồ be tempered by the leather & tobacco notes which is a smooth complement to the main notes.

During the opening, I can also detect the guaiac wood, which gives it that relation lớn Man Amber, và even though it is one of my least favorite notes, I actually think it works in this Bvlgari offering. It’s just enough & not totally in your face.

Mostly, Man in đen opens with a heavy hit of spices and rum, smoothed out by a sweet pipe tobacco. The sweetness that comes through, is one of my favorite aspects of this cologne, as it gives you just a little hint of something different.

Later on during the dry down, the spices subside somewhat và you get more of the leather và rum. Beyond that, tonka bean comes in, to lớn give it an underlying creaminess & sweet addition to the light tobacco. Rum, leather, & the oud lưu ý are quite an amazing trio.

I lượt thích that Man in black is actually a darker type of fragrance, it doesn’t cop out and địa chỉ cửa hàng fruity notes khổng lồ the profile. It’s boozy, spicy, và slightly smoky with a nice degree of warmth for the cooler weather. The floral notes are present (iris, pretty much) but it isn’t dominant, just a slight reminder of a scent like, Dior Homme.

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Sillage, Longevity, Versatility

Projection wise, Man in Black, isn’t all that powerful. It’s a decently heavy cologne but it doesn’t project lượt thích a beast. That’s kind of disappointing, but it does a good job at staying close to the skin.

It has good longevity, much better than Bvlgari Man, but again it hangs around as a skin kind of scent, so don’t expect lớn blow off the doors with this one. I tend to lớn get in the six hour range, during the winter months.

When lớn wear it? Fall & winter is perfect for Man in Black. It would be completely out of place in the warmer parts of the year. It is also a more mature kind of scent, so, I’d recommend it for guys in their mid-twenties & up. It is masculine & sexy, but it could work more as a casual type of cologne.

I personally, have been wearing it as a nightlife fragrance with good results. I’ve gotten lots of positive comments from women, over the few years that I have been putting this on during the colder nights.

Man in đen works insanely well with my skin chemistry and just is perfect when it’s crisp outside.

Overall Impressions of Man in Black

Overall, is Man in black worth it? Yes, this is a really well put together fragrance for guys who like darker/spicier kinds of scents. I really enjoy how it smells và it does have good longevity. I vị wish that it was a bit bolder.

However, if you need something that is understated, Man in đen will do the job. I think Bvlgari did a great job on this one, when compared to lớn some of their other offerings. Plus, it definitely lands in the range of affordable colognes for guys.

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The more that I have worn this fragrance, the more I have come to lớn love it. It can be limited to the times of the year, that I can actually throw it on. However, those times are great, và I’m convinced this is one of the sexiest fragrances for men. Not every woman loves it, but the one’s who do, seem to lớn go nuts for it. That’s always a plus, in addition khổng lồ me, really liking to wear it.