Dry, flaky skin is a common skincare woe when it comes lớn us Singaporeans. Unbeknownst to lớn many of us, though, it has less to bởi with genetics and more to bởi vì with our current environment than anything.

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Yup, don’t go blaming your parents just yet— your skin’s number one enemy has to bởi vì with the spaces you inhabit frequently more than anything. Or, to lớn be specific, the air-conditioning in your office, home, và or lecture hall. Eek!

Considering Singapore’s impossibly hot và humid climate, air-conditioning is almost impossible to lớn avoid. From our shopping malls to our MRT stations, you can’t go anywhere without feeling that freezing-cold gust of wind against the back of your neck. And while that may provide relief from the relentless heat, it does no favours for your skin. Sigh!


Air conditioning: why it is your skin’s worst enemy


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While nothing sounds more tempting than blasting your air-conditioning after a hot day out in the sun, it is actually a lot more detrimental for your skin than expected! This is because air-conditioners work to suck the moisture out of the air around you, which results in your skin losing moisture too.

This, naturally, leads to lớn dry, flaky skin, pre-mature ageing, & skin degeneration. Yikes!

The solution? Well, you could try to lớn avoid air-conditioned rooms all together, though it is a pretty impossible feat when it comes to Singapore.

Our recommendation? A good moisturiser that works lớn hydrate as well as seal said moisture into your skin. One that we’ve been hearing about more often than most is the Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Cream Skincare Range.

What is Blackmores Natural vitamin E Skincare Range about?


Nope, you’re not reading that wrong! This natural vi-ta-min E skincare range is actually developed by Australia’s leading natural health brand, Blackmores. It is their first foray into the skincare scene, with the Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Skincare Range working to hydrate & protect impossibly dry skin.

All products are made of the most high-quality ingredients sourced from nature, và they also happen khổng lồ be không tính tiền of fragrance and artificial colours. This thus makes it suitable for those with even the most sensitive of skin. Hmm, how intriguing!

But can they actually hold up against one of the coldest places in Singapore— an office environment? We have our doubts, too. With this in mind, we decided to let our writers take one of the products out for a demo drive.

Blackmores Natural vitamin E Skincare Range Review

Reviewer: Emily 


Skin prior to using Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin

My skin tends to lớn be more towards combination than dry, but there’s no disguising how dry certain areas of my face and body can get. This especially applies when I’ve been cooped up behind my desk all day!


What’s worse, I’m seated directly in front of two air-conditioners. This means that on longer days, my skin gets about as dry as the Sahara Desert. It doesn’t show up much on my face, thankfully, but you can really see it on my elbows & along my arms. It really doesn’t help that my wardrobe is filled with more sleeveless tops & short-sleeved dresses than anything.


So I was pretty excited to hear that I’d be trying out the Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin. Not only does it deeply moisturise dry, parched skin, I’m also told that the inclusion of lanolin— the purified secretion from sheep sebaceous glands that is found on sheep wool— contains penetrating emollient properties that size a thick layer on the surface of the skin. This, in turn, helps lớn reduce the evaporation of water from the deeper layers, maintaining the skin’s hydration và protecting it from drying out.

Hmm, sounds ideal, but can it really counteract the multiple air-conditioners I have to face everyday?

To chạy thử this out, I first took note of my moisture levels prior lớn applying on the Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Cream + Lanolin.


27%. Eek! It’s hardly surprising, though, considering how I’ve been in office for about two hours now.

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The next step? Actually using the hàng hóa at hand.


It comes in a convenient squeeze tube, and I lượt thích how it didn’t smell of anything when I unscrewed the cap (living up to that fragrance-free claim, phew!). Feeling apprehensive but also excited, I phối about applying it to lớn my arms và elbows, concentrating my efforts on the dry and scaly patches. I also liked how lightweight the formula felt on my skin, absorbing instantaneously and leaving no greasy residue behind.

I then went about my day, which comprised of sitting behind the desk for several hours và squinting at my screen. Other than a quick lunch break in between, I was pretty much chained behind my desk all day, right by the brutal cold winds that the air-conditioner was emitting.

To my surprise, my skin did feel a little less tight & uncomfortable than before when I was approaching the kết thúc of my work day. I reached for my trusty moisture detector, expecting a slight increase in my moisture levels…

Only khổng lồ be floored at how much my skin’s moisture levels have increased! My skin was close to twice as moisturised with just a thin layer of the Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Cream + Lanolin.


With this experiment proving to lớn be such an success, I decided lớn begin using it on my face as well, and I’m pleased to report that it now feels a lot less dry and even appears slightly brighter than before!


Image on left: skin prior to lớn using the Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Cream + Lanolin. Image on right: skin after sustained use of the Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Cream + Lanolin.

Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Skincare Range Review: what are my final thoughts?


I would say that it is a great option for anyone with dry, parched skin that is looking for a no frills or fuss option! In fact, I’m told that the combination of vitamin A, E as well as lanolin works lớn not just hydrate skin, but also to lớn preserve healthy sebum & protect the skin from environmental damage. Nice! It also helps combat signs of ageing as well as nourish và smooth skin.

There are other products within the line as well, such as the Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream Skin Bright, Natural vitamin E Cream Firm và Smooth, as well as Natural vitamin E Cream Skin Barrier.


Skin Bright doesn’t just moisturise dry skin, but works on brightening dull, uneven skin tones too. Firm và Smooth, on the other hand, helps combat the appearance of fine lines, whilst Skin Barrier specialises in protecting skin against environmental pollutants.

A moisturiser that is suited khổng lồ combat the 24/7 air-conditioning in Singapore? No doubt about it.

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Watch our thorough nhận xét of the products và how we observe it performs under a magnifying device:

Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Skincare range is available at Guardian, Welcia-BHG, Blackmores flagship store, as well as major departmental stores such as Robinsons, Metro, và OG. You can also purchase it online at Qoo10, Lazada, & Shopee. Each thành tích is priced between SGD19 và SGD30.