After what seemed lượt thích years of debate, I’ve finally grabbed one of the super popular Bbia lipsticks! I’ve been hearing about Bbia for so long, but their products are pretty hard khổng lồ get in the States. They put up their most popular products on Amazon, which is where I got it. I purchased their most popular product, which is the first Last Lipstick series in the màu sắc #04, Intelligent. It’s described as a dusty rose color, & pretty much every Korean beauty blogger has sworn by this màu sắc as their ride or die MLBB lippie. So, after years of waiting, I’ve decided khổng lồ give this cult-favorite a go và see if I could say the same. See if the Bbia Last Lipstick #04 is a color you’d like to purchase too!

BBIA Last Lipstick #04 Review

Bbia Last Lipstick #04 Claims

“Making beautiful lips by lightly stick to your lips right after applying. Perfect coloring with the first touch. Hard khổng lồ be smeared off with a light touch, maintaining the original color. Perfect finish with Less màu sắc Fading, Less bring up wrinkles and dead skin cells. Providing only what your lips need, gloss & moisture.”

The first sentence seems lượt thích a bunch of nonsense, but the Korean claim basically promises opaque màu sắc with one swipe. I’m not entirely sure how they came up with the “gloss & moisture” part of the claim, as this is a matte lipstick. I think that part was lost in translation too, but I’m pretty sure it’s just saying that it’s a matte lipstick that isn’t drying. Either way, here’s the four basic claims we’ll be looking from the product.

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Opaque colorLong LastingNot dryingImprove the overall appearance of the lips



If you can’t tell already, the left side is with the lipstick, while the right side is without. I noticed that the lipstick has this fruity, raspberry smell to lớn it, which I kind of like, but if you’re sensitive khổng lồ smells, maybe you wouldn’t enjoy this as much. As in terms of the color, I am absolutely in love with it. This is the absolute perfect MLBB color for me. It’s just a hint darker than my actual lip color, & the tiny bit of peach that I mentioned earlier was what really helped khổng lồ brighten my overall face. This color has just enough brightness to make me look more awake. I’m satisfied with the color payoff, but if you have darker lips, you might have lớn go over it one more time.

The texture was honestly a pleasant surprise, và this is where I honestly would give a 5/5 to Bbia for their claims. There aren’t any matte lippies that I really like. Even powdery lip products, like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes, dry out pretty quickly và make my lips look like a flaky mess. Now I just put a gloss over every matte lippie I have. This formula is honestly everything I need in a matte lipstick. It’s matte enough so that I know it’s not slipping off my lips, but it’s not like a liquid lipstick cấp độ of matte where my lips just flake off with the color. It’s like the NYX SMLC, but less….powdery, so you can’t see every single dry patch and line of my lips.

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The lipstick lasts for a long time if I don’t eat, but since that’s pretty much all I do, it lasts about 2 hours. With no eating, it’d last me around 8 hours, maybe even the whole day, but they aren’t food-proof. They also smudge a bit easier than other matte lipsticks, but I honestly don’t mind.

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Final Verdict

I would rate the Bbia Last Lipstick #04 as a 5/5, but that’s because of what I lượt thích in a lipstick. The long-wear of this is the only drawback. But, staying nguồn isn’t as important khổng lồ me, so I give it 5/5. If that’s really important lớn you, then this lipstick would be more of a 4/5.