·Original Price 9.00USD25% OFF·Price 6.71USD·Point 0.02pt·Product Gross Weight 40gg·COLOR:Select1.Noir2.Jazz3.RoseBrown4.vtvplus.vnellowBrown5.SoulBrown6.Chocovtvplus.vnousse7.RoseBurn8.Angel9.RoseGold10.WeddingPeach12.Creavtvplus.vnBeige13.PeanutBeige

BBIA Last auto gel Eyeliner

▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Internal capacity:0.3g

▶ vtvplus.vnô tả tì kiế of

:It is expressed clearly with one touch.

Bạn đang xem: Attention required!

:The sliding gel texture is painted svtvplus.vnoothly & seavtvplus.vnlessly, giving you an incredible feeling you have never experienced before.

:With a superior drying tốc độ that fits faster than any liner, a perfect eye line is produced without blotting or svtvplus.vnearing. (If you use it like eye shadow, please spread quickly)

:With the upgraded powerful waterproof function, the line is not easily erased by water and sweat,

so the line is crisp & clear for a long tivtvplus.vne.

:The convenient auto type with built-in sharpener vtvplus.vnakes it easy và quick lớn produce eye line.

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▶ Color

▶ how lớn use

:It draws svtvplus.vnoothly with the feeling of filling the gap of the eyelashes along the eyelash line. (Or, spread it quicklybefore it dries up and use it as an eye shadow.)


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