I think I’ve got lớn be the last person on the whole beauty blogger network thingy khổng lồ jump on the BB creams bandwagon. Sigh, but can you blame me? I only started hearing of it AFTER I came khổng lồ Melbourne, và these are either unavailable khổng lồ me, or ridiculously expensive (what khổng lồ do, everything is expensive here). So when I went back to Malaysia a couple of months ago, I knew I had to kiểm tra it out. I bought two tubes of BB creams; the first one was by Skin Food, and the other by The Face Shop. I have yet to open the one by Skin Food, so I’ll đánh giá the one by The Face siêu thị first.

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Formulaed with our enhanced Quick ‘n Clear Complex và Malt extract, this oil-free protective moisturiser soothes the skin while providing natural coverage to hide flaws.


For those who vị not know what BB creams are (it can’t be, right, if I’m the last lớn know about it? :p), the letters BB stand for Blemish Balm. It’s pretty much a moisturiser, foundation and concealer, all in one package. It’s one of the most popular beauty product in Asia at the moment. BB creams are particularly good on those with acne-prone skin. Apparently, prolonged used of the product will also help improve the overall texture of the skin và fade acne scars.

Well, I don’t know about the last bit of that claim, but this is the way I see it. It’s somewhere in between tinted moisturiser và foundation. I find it slightly thicker than tinted moisturiser, but still lighter than foundation, which means it gives better coverage on the skin whilst it evens out your skin tone.

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I haven’t used other BB creams before, so I can’t make any comparisons just yet. But I have to say, damn, the Quick & Clean is good. It contains tea tree oil (you can even smell it!), which targeted my blemishes well. I had some pretty bad red welt-like rashes going on on my chin & right cheek, và it’s now gone. This BB cream glides on smoothly on my skin, giving it medium coverage, which I like. It’s also oil-free, which is great for my usually-oily T-zone. In fact, this controls oil pretty well. My nose stays oil-free for at least a couple of hours. Và that’s saying a lot.


Now, the problem with this BB cream is that there is only ONE shade available. Actually, that’s pretty much the problem with almost all BB creams; there is a very small selection of shades per cream, if not just one. This, unfortunately, only favours those with fair skin. Ladies with darker skin will find this unsuitable as it would make their skin look ashy. I find this wholly discrimating, I must say. I mean, I’m glad it worked out well for me, but what about the rest of us with darker skin? Hello The Face Shop! Time to make some changes here if you want more customers!


One thing about this BB cream is that it does not contain SPF. Well, okay, no chemical sunscreen ingredients, if you look at the menu of ingredients on the tube. This might be good for those who prefer natural sunscreen ingredients though. The Quick and Clear BB cream contains titanium dioxide, & from the position of it in the ingredients list, it looks like there’s a significant percentage of it (the higher the ingredient in the list, the more of it is used). Titanium dioxide, amongst other uses, is also a sunscreen ingredient, which protects skin against UVA & UVB radiation.

Oh, và all that claim about malt extract? It’s close khổng lồ the bottom of the list, which means there’s very little of it to actually be effective. I mean, whatever it’s effective for. I’m afraid I have no idea.

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Having said all that, this still beckons big love from me. It’s not too heavy, which means I could use it in hot & humid countries like Malaysia without feeling as though my face was going to lớn melt. I still use a light moisturiser and sunscreen prior lớn this though. It’s just part of my skincare routine that I can’t break out of regardless. In spite of that, it still doesn’t feel like I’ve had much products on the skin, which is good.

The Face Shop’s Quick and Clean Oil-Free Blemish Balm is available in The Face siêu thị boutiques at RM55.90. I’m not sure if this is sold in The Face siêu thị Australia though. Australian readers, if you bởi vì see this, vì let me know và how much it costs here, yeah?

Would I repurchase this? Oh yes. It works for me!