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Awesome Result. Continuous Usage... Gives good results. All your đen mark will get disappeared. Even sensitive skin can use. Result is as slow but permanent. Must Buy và very effective. Best results while continuous usage as preferably. Pigmentation getting improved.

It worked well on the first 10 days then I noticed clogged pores, I was assuming it won"t clog pores . Also no positive changes on my skin even after a month of usage. Disappointed , as I had high expectations . But it vày work as a good moisturizer

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yes it works but you"ll feel the difference after a month. It makes your skin glowing & the smell is super refreshing & long lasting.
It works very slowly......overall it"s a very good oil with a beautiful aroma....vry fast delivery with good Pakeging...Love you ❤❤
It works very slowly......overall it"s a very good oil with a beautiful aroma....vry fast delivery with good Packaging...dry Skin must Try with Tre Tre Oil Mix và Apply once in Day in night For 1 Hr ..and Remove its Working at night Don"t Sleep Dricat with Applying On Face only leave For 1 hr on Face thank you
u cant go out while applying this... For oily skin people its sticky but doesnt increase pimples even it decreases black n white heads.... How khổng lồ use:massage gently then wipe out with cotton after an hour n go to lớn sleep .... This oil supples smoothes skin with a glowy look due to oils ... If u want fast change apply it morning and night but only applying in night is enough
I purchased for pigmentation actually but no improvement on that, but skin has been glowing nd beginning when i used in face, my face becomes darker but after 15 days it start works nd skin very glowsy, may be its also good for pigmention, i dn knw now bcos there is no resust on it keep patience

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Good oilI used it all over my body toàn thân after shower before going to lớn bed.It works well, i already have fair skin so i dont know if it makes more light but lặng surely glowing.Smells amazing, gonna order more.
it"s too small kích thước ,by d way nice package, consistency is good ,but today I got it that"s way I can"t say about the sản phẩm exceptions.over all good go 4 it guys