Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm & lip balm stick review


Wow, I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve reviewed the Artiaum ginger sugar lip mask. Pulling it up from the archives, the review dates back lớn 2016!! oh my goodness. If you haven’t read my đánh giá on the Aritaum ginger sugar lip mask, you gonna check it out after this blog post. Through the years, I’ve repurchased the lip mask more than six times now, và will be a sản phẩm I’ll repurchase over & over again. You guys know I love & swear by the ginger sugar lip mask và have even declared it to be way better than the Laneige overnight sleeping lip mask. Some of you have asked, “well what about the rest of the ginger sugar lip line?”. I have tried their tinted lip balm once & it was horrible, so I kind of swore off the rest of the line. However, the curiosity has come back now that a reader told me their lip balms are pretty good. So here we are, 6 years later! Let’s get into the đánh giá :).

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I also totally forgot there is a lip scrub in the line as well! But using the overnight lip mask, it softens up any dead skin for me & I just wipe it off in the morning anyways, so I don’t really need the lip scrub.

Here is my ultimate holy grail, the Aritaum ginger sugar lip mask that saves me every single day from flake dry skin. I truly feel there is a difference between this baby on at night & without. A couple of months ago when I finished up a jar and was waiting for another to arrive, that was the most horrible 2-week wait of my life. Instantly my lips were uncontrollably dry without it and no other lip hàng hóa could save my little soul. This lip mask doesn’t just work while I’m sleeping. The hydration lasts all day for me and it truly keeps my lips plumped và juicy too! I bởi vì have khổng lồ warn you, this is a very thick lip mask and will stick onto your hair lượt thích crazy, so use it only before you go to bed. For $8-$10, you can’t beat it!! 

I’ve also found you have to almost scrape or break the surface of the lip mask when you first get it. My best friend got a jar of this from my recommendation and she said it didn’t work for it and it was quite a waxy feeling. I told her khổng lồ push her finger into it and break the top, revealing a thick & balmy texture underneath.

Full name of product:Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm stick

Limited edition/ Permanent?:Permanent

Description of product:“The highly moisturizing lip balm that melts at toàn thân temperature & moisturizes dry lips.

Moisturizing oil & butter ingredients keep the lips moist for a long time.A high nội dung of moisturizing oil và natural butter ingredients khung a thick moisturizing film on the lips, offering a long-lasting hydration effect.

Artificial fragrance và synthetic color-free.

The secret ginger sugar for smooth and moist lips.Helps activate skin energy with ginger và orange oilProvides strong moisture through sugar and shea butter.”

Price:5,000 won

Amount of product:3.7g

Duration before expiration:1 year after opening

Country of Manufacture:Made in Korea

Where khổng lồ buy:Jolse

Versions available:

There is a tinted lip balm version but I don’t find it as hydrating as the regular formula.

Ingredients:Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Squalane, Hydrogenated Castor Oil Dimer Dilinoleate, Paraffin, Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter, Hydrogenated Castor Oil Isostearate, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Acrylates/Stearyl Acrylate/Dimethicone Methacrylate Copolymer, Diisostearyl Malate, HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer, Mica, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Synthetic Wax, HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer, Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Triethylhexanoin, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Polyethylene, Ozokerite, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Methicone, Silica, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Sorbitan Isostearate, Shea Butter, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root ExtractTrehalose

How to use:Apply it throughout the day when needed.

Product packaging:Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm comes in a simple plastic tube which you pop off the lid to lớn reveal the lip balm inside. You can easily twist the lip balm up và down and it isn’t a lip balm that will just break off because it is too soft. Trust me, I’m a lip balm girl and that has happened a couple of times with other brands.

Texture/ Finish:Made with ingredients such as Squalene, castor oil, shea butter lớn name a few, this lip balm glides onto the lips effortlessly & melts onto lips with ease. It leaves a very comfortable layer of hydration that doesn’t feel heavy or slick. Throughout the day, it leaves a decent amount of hydration on my lips but it does feel chapped after 3-4 hours? I would say this would be a great pairing for the daytime after using the lip mask at night.

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The most unhelpful lip swatch on planet earth but here it is LOL.

Fragrance?:There is a very subtle citrusy scent to it but it is so faint, it is practically not there. Smell-o-scale: 2/10 in terms of how strong the scent is và it does not linger after application.

Pro:-comfortable on the lips-good amount of hydration-melts onto the lips without dragging

Con:-I wish it had a longer-lasting hydration level.


Overall thoughts:I think this lip balm is not shabby at all, but maybe comparing it lớn my holy grail lip mask as the big sister, this doesn’t seem as stellar. I vì have khổng lồ take into consideration, this is just a $5 lip balm và for that price, I would most likely repurchase it again. The Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm truly is not shabby and the formulation with the different types of oils & shea butter leaves my lips feeling comfortable all day.

Full name of product:Aritaum ginger sugar essential lip balm

Limited edition/ Permanent?:Permanent

Description of product:“Concentrated lip balm with sugar syrup-like formulation.The sugar syrup-like formulation is applied thickly on the lips khổng lồ make them moist & smooth.

Moisture lasting with a sticky feeling.The chewy texture easily adheres to the lips, making it easy lớn settle & forms a strong moisturizing film.

Artificial fragrance-free & synthetic dye-free.”

Price:5,000 won

Amount of product:15 mL

Duration before expiration:1 year after opening

Country of Manufacture:Made in Korea

Where khổng lồ buy:JolseAmazon US

Ingredients:Diisostearyl Malate, Polybutene, Phytosteryl/Isostearyl/Cetyl/Stearyl/Behenyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Phytosteryl Isostearyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Dextrin Palmitate/Ethylhexanoate, Mineral Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter, Triethylhexanoin, Beeswax, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer, Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate, Limonene, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Polyethylene, Ozokerite, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Flavor, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Sorbitan Isostearate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Lecithin, Isostearic Acid, Isopropyl Palmitate, Dehydroacetic Acid, BHT, Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol, Trehalose, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract

How lớn use:Apply just enough to cover your whole lip. It’s lip balm… LOL.

Product packaging:The Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm comes in a tube form which is pretty standard. I actually really like the màu sắc scheme và typography thiết kế of the whole line. It almost has a rustic feel to it, right?

To dispense the lip balm, twist off the cap & squeeze some product out, and viola!

Texture/ Finish:I personally would not điện thoại tư vấn this lip balm since the texture is more lượt thích a lip gloss. It isn’t as glossy as a traditional lip balm, however, a balm in my head is usually in a jar or in a stick form. Out of the three lip care products in the ginger sugar line, this one is the most underwhelming. It coats my lips alright with a comfortable texture that sinks into the lips in an hour or two. Afterward, my lips just don’t feel as hydrated as the lip balm stick. This version won’t stick onto your hair as badly as the lip mask, so it is a decent daytime option.

Fragrance?:No fragrance was detected.

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Pro:-decent layer on the lips-isn’t super heavy/ glossy on the lips

Con:-not enough hydration for my dry lips; hydration isn’t long lasting


Stars given out of 5:???

Overall thoughts:The Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm is definitely not going to lớn be a repurchase in my opinion. Texture-wise, it isn’t shabby & is comfortable on the lips, however, it doesn’t leave me with much hydration after it has been absorbed into the lips. If you want an average lip balm in a liquid form, this might be for you. Overall I would pick the lip balm stick for the daytime and the lip mask for nighttime if you are looking lớn cover all your bases.