Review: aritaum full cover stick concealer

I have always been intrigued by Aritaum products! They are super affordable but for some odd reason I have never actually tried any of them. I was wanting lớn get a new concealer mainly to lớn cover my dark circles after finding out that Rimmel"s Wake Me Up wasn"t really doing much...I have read great review of the Full Cover concealers but mainly the liquid one. I was intrigued by this because I find the stiông chồng to lớn be quite handy và it also comes with a brush.

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"Creamy fitting texture và natural coverage. Easy lớn apply due lớn creamy texture. Contain rosehip oil and argan oil khổng lồ moisturize the skin. Includes a brush for an easy application"
Packaging:I do find the packaging quite handy. I was skeptical about the brush và used my fingers at first lớn apply it but I would that the brush was super soft và it is easier khổng lồ blend the concealer in the corner of my eyes with the brush. It doesn"t drag the product along your skin lượt thích I was afraid it would.It"s very handy lớn carry around and bởi touch ups.
Texture và Colour:
The texture is very creamy & it glides on easy. I was afraid that due lớn the creaminess and moisturising properties it would mix inlớn fine lines but it doesn"t! However, it is not so great for covering pimples...I thought it would end up sliding off my skin due to the creamy texture but it did the opposite! It accentuated the dry skin on my spots!The colour is a tad too yellow for my taste to be used as an under eye concealer but it is a good match for my skin tone overall.

The coverage is quite good. I only applied one layer and it is buildable to lớn some extent but I imagine that after 2 layers it would start to look cakey.I wanted to lớn compare the coverage with other concealers so I compared it with Rimmel"s Wake Me Up concealer and how it would cover black eyeliner.

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These lớn concealers that are in the same price range(both approx. 4-5GBP) but have sầu a different coverage. I would definitely say that Aritaum has better coverage than Rimmel.
I also wanted lớn compare this with my all time favourite concealer which is MAC"s Pro Longwear Concealer.

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There was a bit of a difference...I bởi vì think that MAC Pro Longwear Concealer overall has a better coverage and is more buildable but the price difference is quite big (approx 4GBPhường vs.18GBP) so it"s not a fair comparison.Longevity is not that great if used on spots on, especially if you have sầu an oily skin! It lasts really well underneath my eyes though. It usually only fades slightly after an 8 hour working day but it still provides coverage after a long day which is pretty good for a creamy concealer.
Pros:Creamy consistencyGood at covering dark circlesBuildableLongevity.Cons:Not good for covering spotsColour is too yellow for pale skinAccentuates dry areasConclusions:I think that this is very good concealer given the price. I"ve sầu used Western drugstore br& concealers và so far they all have sầu been worse than this one. I think it is good at covering my dark circles but not good at all covering spots as it will accentuate them and won"t last very long. However, it lasts for a very long time underneath my eyes & provides good coverage. The packaging is also very handy và portable.Get it from RoseRoseShop for 4.25USD on sale regular price 5.66USD! (approx. 3.30GBPhường or 4,700KRW)