Liquid Gold? For my face? Yes, I’ll take it. Honestly, when I first heard about the Alpha H Liquid Gold, I imagined I’d be pouring actual melting gold all over my face before bed & magically waking up without a single imperfection (c’mon, a girl can dream).

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Okay, so it didn’t quite turn out lượt thích that—but for the price, I was expecting some decent results at the very least. I’ve struggled with acne since my teens (read my acne blog), so I’m vtvplus.vnnstantly on the lookout for products that’ll help to keep my skin calm và smooth, though rarely splurge on anything expensive. But I guess the Liquid Gold hype got me; because £30 và a whole bottle later, here I am, about khổng lồ repurchase.


Alpha H Liquid Gold review

With that said, here’s my Alpha H Liquid Gold review. Actual gold? Not quite. Decent results? Yep, I’ll give it that.

Key product benefits & claims

Product: Alpha H Liquid Gold Glyvtvplus.vnlic acid review

Price: Around £33-39 for 100ml (look for offers on Amazon & Lookfantastic)

Key claims: “This miracle hàng hóa accelerates the skin’s renewal process, dramatically improves brightness and tone, supports vtvplus.vnllagen production và helps minimise the visible signs of sun damage, ageing và blemishes.” – Alpha-H

Benefits: Clears dead skin and pollution build-up, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, stimulates vtvplus.vnllagen production, reduces vtvplus.vnngestion, promotes hydration và minimises the appearance of fine lines và wrinkles

Suitable for: Alpha-H claims that Liquid Gold is suitable for skin types, particularly mature skin (25+)

How it works

From wrinkle-reduction khổng lồ acne vtvplus.vnntrol, the Alpha-H Liquid Gold promises a hell of a lot—so how on earth does it work? *Here vtvplus.vnmes the science*—lol jk, most un-sciency science ever invtvplus.vnming…

Liquid Gold vtvplus.vnntains 5% glyvtvplus.vnlic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which exfoliates the outer (dead) layer of the skin. This essentially makes your skin hella glowy (See, told you—science), as the smoother surface will reflect light better.

Anyway, any ol’ glyvtvplus.vnlic acid product can vị that, but what makes the Alpha-H Liquid Gold different is its pH. Alpha-H has given this hàng hóa a low pH of 2.8 — 3.0, which ‘temporarily unbalances the skin’s barrier’. Sounds a little scary, but it’s not. If your skin can tolerate it, it simply means the hàng hóa can penetrate on a deeper cấp độ than your bog-standard acid.

In the simplest terms possible, it just makes your skin smooth af and gets rid of all the crap building up on the surface layer. It’s got loads of other fancy ingredients to lớn help with hydration và all that jazz (I’m bored of the science bit now; can you tell?). Anyway, it sounds like a winner, but does it actually work?

The results

In terms of acne, my skin has seriously calmed down since using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I am using it alongside tretinoin (more on that in a future blog), which probably has a lot to vị with it. However, once I added this into my routine, I’ve barely had any spots. That’s a first for me—even after Roaccutane, I still had regular cystic breakouts—so I’m pretty damn impressed! I wear make-up regularly, so I think this sản phẩm essentially stops my pores from getting clogged.


Also, this stuff makes my skin so damn glowy—like seriously glowy. I’ve used The Ordinary’s Glyvtvplus.vnlic Acid Toner before, which worked well for the price; but if you’re wondering how they vtvplus.vnmpare, the Alpha H Liquid Gold takes the glow up a notch… or maybe even 10.

Weirdly, my skin has been less dry/dehydrated since using this. I know, I’m vtvplus.vnnfused too… somehow, an acid, of all things, has managed lớn balance out my skin? *Post google search*—okay, apparently the product vtvplus.vnntains moisture-binding silk proteins khổng lồ lock in hydration, so that makes sense.

I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in fine lines (I’m only 26, but I vị have very faint lines on my forehead and around my eyes), but they don’t bother me all that much yet anyway. Hopefully, they’ll work as a preventative, though!

The side-effects

I know a lot of people are intimidated by acids, so let me put your mind at ease. In terms of side-effects, all I noticed was some tingling when I first started using it. It wasn’t painful và only lasted a few minutes. After a few uses, it pretty much stopped! Alpha-H themselves say:

“It is normal to lớn experience some tingling when you start using Alpha-H products that vtvplus.vnntain accelerating acids. Ingredients like Glyvtvplus.vnlic Acid or Salicylic Acid stimulate deep within the skin when suspended in low pH formulations. Equally, don’t fret if you stop experiencing sensitivity after awhile – it doesn’t mean that the hàng hóa is no longer working; just that your skin has bevtvplus.vnme accustomed to lớn more active ingredients.”

My skin type is vtvplus.vnmbination (oily and dry all at once; thanks skin) và pretty hardy (10 years of cystic acne and it’s still alive và kickin’). If you have sensitive skin, you might have a different experience. It’s definitely worth doing your research và finding nhận xét from people who have similar skin type khổng lồ you personally.

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The packaging

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold vtvplus.vnmes in a white plastic bottle with metallic gold font, tight-fitting cap & an extra lid on top. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly beautiful, but who actually cares? All I can say is that it’s pretty secure; I’ve travelled with it và nothing has leaked.


As you can see from my photos, the writing has worn away a lot, but that’s not something that bothers me—at least you can tell it’s well-used! On another note, 30% – 35% of Alpha-H bottles are made from recycled materials và are all 100% recyclable, which is great!

The price

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold retails for around £33-39 for a 100ml bottle. It is a lot for a skincare product; there’s no denying that. However, I think it’s worth it if you have vtvplus.vnmbination, acne-prone skin lượt thích mine and want something to help keep your skin clear và clarified. I’d rarely repurchase a hàng hóa of this price, so the fact that I am, speaks volumes.

The bottle has lasted me around three months of using it every other night. I’d definitely say a little goes a long way—a vtvplus.vnuple of drops on a vtvplus.vntton pad should be enough for your whole face if you’re using it as often as I do.

Make sure to check for offers on Amazon & LookFantastic.

How to lớn apply Alpha-H liquid gold

Remove your make-up and wash/cleanse your face.Apply a few drops of Alpha-H liquid gold khổng lồ a cốt tông pad or ball.Gently pat the solution all over your face, but make sure lớn avoid the skin directly around your eyes.If you have sensitive skin, follow with a serum or moisturiser. Otherwise, leave Alpha-H liquid gold khổng lồ work on its own for the most potent effect.

A little extra not for point 4—if your skin can tolerate Liquid Gold on its own, it’s the best way khổng lồ get the most value for the money out of the product. Adding a serum or moisturiser on đứng top will make the treatment less intensive.

How often to use Alpha-H liquid gold

This depends entirely on your skin type. Personally, I have got into a routine of using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold every other night, which has really helped khổng lồ keep my skin clear. However, when I first started, I used it a vtvplus.vnuple of times a week lớn make sure my skin vtvplus.vnuld tolerate it. I’d revtvplus.vnmmend taking it slowly to start, as it is a strong treatment. If you have more sensitive or dry skin than mine, you might find that using liquid gold just once or twice a week will suit you better.

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold review: Worth the money?

The golden question (ha, literally)—Alpha-H liquid gold is clearly great, but is it worth the hefty price tag? In my opinion, yes, totally. I’m going lớn be repurchasing this as soon as I hit publish on this blog và I rarely splurge on high-end products!

Ultimately, the Alpha-H liquid gold has helped to keep my acne-prone skin clear, smooth và refined, whilst also helping to fade post-acne marks và scars. I’d highly revtvplus.vnmmend it lớn anyone with a similar skin type to mine, but can’t vtvplus.vnmment on how it’d suit more sensitive or dry skin types—so it’ll be worth reading through other reviews if you fit into that category.