I admit, sometimes I buy Korean cosmetics blindly because of the đáng yêu packaging. Hey hey hey, don’t judge me…I know you bởi vì the same thing. Couple weeks back, Ryan Roar posted up a blog post about A’pieu’s new limited edition BB cushion which they collaborated with Garfield. Now, I was a 90’s kid that grew up reading Garfield comics since back then there wasn’t internet và these futuristic stuff called the internet. Garfield và Archie comics kept this crazy monkey kid, that was always hyper active and super talkative to just sit down and be absolutely silent for hours at a time. So of course I had lớn get this, purely for the packaging but it was a BB cushion so that was a bonus. At first when I went to tìm kiếm for it online to lớn buy, no big korean cosmetics stores online was carrying it & only three ebay sellers had it but it was $10 starting bid. I was bidding on it since it was still not half bad at $10, but I ended up losing the auction so I just settled and got the regular A’pieu BB cushion. It was only $6 with không lấy phí shopping so I was lượt thích meh, why not.

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 THEN… testerkorea four days later had it on their site for only 5,800 won (little less then $5.80 USD). I was lượt thích UGH! I already bought the regular one, but but ITS GARFIELD. SCREW IT ALL, TAKE MA MONEY~~~~

Back khổng lồ present time, I obviously got the Garfield one và the regular one. May I present lớn you, A’pieu Air fit BB cushion.

Full name of product:A’pieu Air Fit BB cushion

Description:-“Air light powder” gives a light và clear application for a natural finish-uses mineral water instead of regular water for extra moisture lớn the skin-“rolling system” with skin curves giving an even application (what on earth..)-“any cover powder” gives silky, comfortable skin coverage-contains aloe/ tea tree extract-contains avocado peptide that gives a healthy elasticity to lớn the skin-SPF 50+ PA+++

How khổng lồ use:After skincare, use the air puff provided lớn apply the BB cream onto the skin. I like to spray my air puff with a bit of water so that the sponge does not soak in as much product compared lớn if the air puff was dry. And this method also gives me that extra moisture for my dry skin.

Price:5,800 Won ($5.17 USD)

Amount of product:13.5 g

Where to Buy:Amazon

So far that I can see, testerkorea & roserose siêu thị offers it for the best price at $5.80 USD.

Shades available:Two shades: shade 21, shade 23

Ingredients: Mineral Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), the chilhek silme methoxy cinnamate, glycerin, a chilhek silsal florisil rate, Butylene Glycol, Dimethicone blood not -10, tree methyl siloxy silicates , niacinamide, Butylene Glycol di ruffles rate / di Freight, caprylic rilme chikon, phenyl trimethoxysilane chikon, rengeul pentyl glycol, ipsu aloe vera, tea tree leaf extract, Hyde de avocado roll Rise protein, ylang-ylang flower extract , kkotsu lavender, rosemary ipsu, hãng apple mint leaf extract, chamomile kkotsu, ipsu peppermint, hibiscus flower extract, jasmine kkotsu, dimethicone / vinyl dimethicone cross polymer, magnesium sulfate, three tilpi not / blood Fiji -10/1 dimethicone, acrylates / stearyl acrylate / dimethicone methacrylate copolymer, diphenyl dimethicone, stearic acid, distearyl dimonium hectorite, alumina, tree in Tok Brassica ruffle reel silane, aluminum hydroxide, echil hexyl glycerin , adenosine, blood -8 not dimethicone, silica, methyl methacrylate cross polymer, vinyl dimethicone / mechi konsil cross silsesquioxane polymer, silica silyl di methyl methacrylate, H. DI / tree methylation come hexyl lactone cross polymer, maltodextrin , disodium this dithiophene this, phenoxyethanol, flavorings, yellow iron oxide (CI 77492), Mica (CI 77019), red iron oxide (CI 77491), black iron oxide (CI 77499)

Product packaging:The a’pieu Air fit BB cushion comes in standard BB cushion packaging, a circle compact that is slightly bulky for my taste but it is understandable, a removeable BB cushion case that has a lid to lớn keep the moisture in and germs out, a nice sized mirror và of course the air puff. When you first get your BB cushion, the mirror is covered with plastic which I thought was a nice touch and attention khổng lồ detail. I’m just OCD lượt thích that haha.


Excuse the dust :P. I found A’pieu’s air puff khổng lồ me a lot less stiff then what I am use to. I usually use the Etude House ones which is a lot more memory foam lượt thích and the air bubbles are a lot finer then A’pieu. A’pieu’s air puff is more spongy, air bubbles are slightly larger then the Etude house one. I lượt thích the Etude House one since the texture and the fineness of the air bubbles absorbs a lot less product, making the product actually just sit on the đứng đầu of the sponge, while A’pieu’s would soak a bit more product. Many they are doing this on purpose so that consumers would buy more of this product. Sneaky sneaky…

Lucky for us, this BB cushion, you can pop out. This means we can just buy the refill for cheaper :D. Not that this BB cushion isn’t cheap already, but I want to keep the Garfield packaging! Luckily for me, the Garfield limited edition packaging is not a sticker but the thiết kế is actually printed onto the plastic lid. I’m impressed considering this is such an affordable BB cushion!
 Of course I’d have to see if the refill can fit into an Etude House BB cushion compact. 
Oh poo… you can fit the A’pieu refill into Etude house’s compact since the A’pieu refill is a bit smaller then Etude House’s. However A’pieu’s refill in Etude House does not sit securely and if you were khổng lồ hold it, it could pop out. Etude House’s refill does not fit into A’pieu’s compact whatsoever since it is just too big.

Color/ Pigmentation:

At first when I purchased the regular packaged one, I got it in shade 21 since I am very far, even during the summer time since I don’t lượt thích to sun bath so I’m still a vampire during the summer time. I hardly chảy but my skin vị get a little bit darker. I didn’t think I would need lớn get shade 23, but when the garfield one was available I say heck khổng lồ it! Just get the other shade & also try it out, for science!

For reference:-skin type: normal khổng lồ dry skin, slightly flaky skin on nose and around laugh lines & corner of mouth-MAC màu sắc reference: NC20-25 (yellow undertone, vampire pale)

The shades in the cushion looks crazy, especially shade 23 looks like it was made for an oompa loompa. 

Out of the cushion và into actual skin, they don’t look that crazy. Shade 23, surprisingly, actually matched my skin better then shade 21 which I thought would be the one since I’m pale pale pale. Shade 21 has a slightly more pink undertone but I would say it is quite neutral, so even people with yellow undertone can wear this. I can’t wear shade 21 right now since I’m on the slightly tanner shade, not that much tanner but enough wear I can’t wear this pale shade right now. I am hoping that I can wear this shade during the winter time, but I highly doubt it. If I can’t, I can always use it to lớn contour as a highlighter. No worries! Shade 23 is a yellow undertone shade that works for my NC25, it is a definite match. If you were NC30 or above, I vì not believe you can use this BB cushion, it won’t work for your skintone.

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Blended out, shade 23 looks a lot darker and looks like there is a very slight hint of a gray undertone. Shade 21 is very pale và the pink undertone neutrals out with my yellow undertone. Applied with the air puff, the greyish does not appear with both shades and it also does not make me look lượt thích my face is peeling off my body. I always have a problem, after applying a BB cream (cushion or regular BB cream), I finish my cosplay all the way down khổng lồ blush và highlight, then look at the mirror & OMGAWWWWW. Up close when I’m using my lighted mirror, everything looks fine but then BAM, looks at my full body toàn thân mirror and I look lượt thích the ghost of Christmas past. At that point, i go into denial because I spent the past hour taking my sweet time, doing my full face make up. I tell myself “no one will notice when I step outside into the human world, just blend it out down lớn the neck”, but in the back of my head I know I still look like I came from the demon world with my face looking like it is floating in mid air above my neck.

Finish:Koreans love that watery, dewy finish which that trend is on it’s way out. In comes the “blur” trend which focuses on the real life Instagram filter. Although this hàng hóa was not marketed as a “blurring” BB cushion, the A’pieu Air fit does just that. The finish is a slightly dewy, more on the satin finish while giving the skin that “i woke up lượt thích this” bull sheep. Oh Beyonce, how you have infiltrated the human mind with your catchy songs. This hàng hóa works great for those who have dry skin since it is very moisturizing. You’d have to make sure you vày not have any dead, flaky skin on your face. The first time I tried it, I forgot to exfoliate the day before & the BB cream was slightly catching and accentuating the dry patches of skin. I can also see this working for oily skin people but I’d say powder a little bit for that extra insurance.

Smell:On a scale of one khổng lồ ten, this BB cushion would be a 6 with its soapy, floral scent. It is not strong enough for me to lớn not want to lớn use it or have a headache.

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Lasting powder:This BB cushion on my skin type, living in Vancouver with rainy weather 9 months out of 12, wore a good 9 hours with slight fading around my nose naturally since I wear glasses. To lớn my surprise, this BB cushion wore better then my Etude House any cushion moist. I’m scared lớn say this, but I might like this cushion more then my beloved Etude House one :S.

Onto the facial test. As you can see, I vày not have perfect skin. I have my fair chia sẻ of problems.

I have quite dark circles due lớn lack of sleep or sleeping late, slightly redness around the cheeks, nose & chin due khổng lồ hormones, blackheads that reproduces over night and chapped lips.
Let’s get started~

A closer look at my skin. My nose is nuts with blackheads dang it! It will never go away too. Sigh… If anyone has some home remedies that I can try, please phản hồi down below.
Before (right) & after (left side). I should really flip these picture so the before và after actually makes sense.

With low expectations of this product, I was blew away with the finish & coverage this BB cushion gave me. With just one layer, my redness was covered nicely, gave me a slight glow lớn the skin without making it look like I put lip gloss all over my face and was moisturizing to my dry skin. Under the eyes, it worked well! Good enough coverage, not drying and doesn’t settled in my fine lines và wrinkles under there. I’m highly impressed.

Side view of the other side with no BB cream. There’s definitely a big difference, my skin looks a lot more even.
Both sides with the BB cream. Ahhh much better, nice & even. Not cakey, nice & moisturized.

Finished! I purposely don’t put concealer on my under eye to lớn see if the BB cream gives me good coverage. I’d use my own under eye concealer as the BB cushion didn’t brighten up the under eye area. Overall, I’m very happy with the finished results.

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Pros:-affordable retail price-good coverage, light khổng lồ medium–moisturizing without making you look like a grease ball-nice finish to lớn the skin, looks lượt thích you aren’t wearing any make up!-high SPF-no gray undertone after application

Cons:-Not easily accessible khổng lồ those that vày not live in Asia; buy online-will cling lớn dry patches so make sure to lớn exfoliate prior-only two shades available-air puff is not the best quality but passable

Repurchase? YES! A big fat YES!

Stars given out of 5:?????

Overall:I am pretty much blown out of the water how good this BB cushion is. Affordable going at $5 USD, I didn’t expect much since it is so cheap but never judge the book by it’s cover. I might be ditching my Etude House any cushion moist for this A’pieu Air fit, it just works better with my skin & the color matches me a lot better. One thing that I really don’t like is the air puff… No biggie since I can just use other air puffs I have collected from my other cushions. Overall I will be repurchasing this BB cushion when it runs out & I recommend it to all my ladies & gents out there that is looking for a good BB cushion at an affordable price.

What do you guys think of this BB cushion? Have you tried it out yet? bởi you want to try it :P. Let me know what your favourite BB cushion is & which one I should try next. Tell me down below in the comments, I love lớn hear from you guys!

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